college weekend between “decentralized” memes

In the middle of the forest of Voges this Saturday, June 18, a merry group competes in front of a shovel-throwing competition. Mention of today’s date, known for General de Gaulle’s appeal, as well as a distant reference to “the man with the shovel in his pants”, passed on to posterity in 2015 for waving a shovel in front of members of the League for the Protection of Birds and in front of journalists. This incident obviously did not escape the internet, which turned the unfortunate into a meme.

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But if a hundred people gathered between corn and coniferous fields, it was less to throw shovels than out of passion for these pictures or redirected quotes. The mood is festive: Decentralized memes, Instagram meme account dedicated to regional specifics, celebrating its 4th anniversary. Opportunity for Gabriel and André, the founders, to reunite with their community for a weekend at La Faîte, a cultural farm.

What can make individuals of different geographical backgrounds gather around a shovel in the scorching heat? “ChauvinismGabrielle smiles with a smile. The more people will drink their drink, the more they will fake. Bad faith is also what unites us. » Unusual productions of decentralized Memes not only make people laugh at local specialties, but can also help them learn more about regional cultures. “You are our Lorànt Deutsch”, loses a festival visitor who passes in front of the duo. Andrew concludes: “This weekend is more like ‘I’m going to drink at your house’. » Pear liqueur, calvados, chartreuse … Participants, between two shovels, raise their elbows and compare their local drink – even if, the Vosges oblige, mirabelle plum de rigueur tonight.

Highlighting your country

Like the production of decentralized Memes, everyone has their own quarrel and does not fail to promote their region. However, some are harder to support than others. “No one has ever defended Saint-Etienne”, laments the Baptists. He heads the meme page on the Loire, he says “no [se] restriction on making jokes at the expense of the city’s bad reputation “ when online and prefer to emphasize their history and culture. Regional members, whether they have an account dedicated to Occitania or Strasbourg, are a few who have traveled. Many of them have also started to follow the example of decentralized memes. “We are a bit of their children”sums up the Baptists, amazed.

The passion for the French tradition transcends borders. Rin has come a long way to come to the party with the community, as well as to meet its creators. An ambulance doctor in Toulouse, the Belgian flew to Charleroi. There he was met by Maxime, another Belgian with his car to go to the Vosges. Julien, a bearded man whom friends nicknamed “Ragnar”, got less far. He lives in a city that is tenderly hated by all festival goers: Paris.

Originally from Normandy, Julien summarizes the general state of mind: “Decentralized Memes publications evoke things from our daily lives, it is our experience. » Sitting to his left, Viktor, a mustachioed Alsatian dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, cut him off: “Grandpa put me on a tractor when I was 6 years old! »

“Show decentralized memes we support”

At the beginning of the afternoon, the arrival of Viktor with his brother Arthur was especially noticeable. Gabriel and André promised a T-shirt with the logo of their site, Crescent, if any of their subscribers ever come to C15. The two Alsatians exceeded their expectations by landing a C15 customized by their bodybuilding father, in the colors of Gaston Lagaffe’s car. Viktor says:

When we explained to him the concept of decentralized memes and what this emblem of rurality represents for this community, I believe he was happier than us. »

Citroën C15, the subject of jokes that are repeated on the pages of Decentralized Memes.

Sitting in the grass, festival goers begin the tournamentWhere isa game freely inspired by the essentials Who is this ?. The rules are simple: you have to hit your opponent’s city before he hits yours. With his white beard, Alexandre, 39, is one of the deans. “I don’t think my age makes me a UFO in the world of meme fanshe assures. And then anonymity on the Internet removes all possible barriers. » Spoiler: Alexandre will not win the tournament, but he will enjoy dancing to “medieval techno”, a mixture of electronic music and bagpipes, on the same evening.

Gabriel perceives all these activities and discussions as “Good summary” content he posts with André on social media. The first one managed to make a living from his creations for more than a year, while the second one mostly continues his activity as a graphic designer. “Apart from finding people who have similar values, what motivated me to come was to show decentralized memes that we support themdelights Victor. To see this community, it must give them strength. » He continues, pointing to Julien: “And then I met some great people. »

They will probably need the loyalty of their community, memes of all kinds. Instagram, a social network widely used by these content creators, is increasingly promoting videos in hopes of competing with TikTok. “Since memes are images, they may be less visible than beforesays Gabriel, but I’m not worried: the meme existed before Instagram and will continue to exist. This remains one of the most effective ways to convey an idea. »

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