Covert adverts on Tiktok: the social community is dedicated to altering its apply, this is what is going to change

“Consumers will be able to discover all the types of advertising they are exposed to when using this platform,” the European Commission announced in negotiations with Tiktok for a year.

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The social network TikTok, which the European Bureau of Consumer Trade Unions (BEUC) accused of “do not protect children from surreptitious advertising and inappropriate content“It is dedicated to respecting the rules of the European Union,” the European Commission announced on Tuesday.

In May 2021, the Commission and the representatives of the Member States launched โ€œdialoguewith this video-sharing platform, owned by Chinese internet giant ByteDance and very popular with children and teenagers, following a BEUC complaint.

A number of issues have been reviewed, and TikTok has pledged to change its practice“The European executive said in a press release.

Button for easier ad registration

Through our dialogue, consumers will be able to discover all the types of advertising they are exposed to when using this platform“Said European Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders, welcomingTikTok’s desire to make the way he conducts his economic activity more transparent“.

For its part, the platform assured that “will continue to strive for improvement to provide the best possible TikTok experience (she) community“Users can now more easily report advertisements and offers that can lead children to buy goods or services.

For BEUC, the issues are still unresolved

They are invited to activate the button to signal that they are publishing a video within a commercial partnership with the tag. For users with more than 10,000 subscribers, videos are viewed by TikTok โ€to ensure that the content is appropriateยป, Details on the European executive.

Promoting inappropriate products and services, such as alcohol, is planned
“get rich quick”
and cigarettesprohibited, the Commission specified.

The conditions for buying and using TikTok coins, the virtual currency of this platform, as well as the method of receiving prizes from TikTok and sending gifts have been explained.

BEUC, which brings together consumer organizations from 32 countries, including UFC Que Choisir (France) and Test Achats (Belgium), said that “the main problems were still unresolved“.”We are particularly concerned that TikTok will not stop profiling and targeting children with personalized ads.said BEUC Deputy Director General Ursula Pachl.

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