Fb: whistleblower Frances Haugen needs to create a corporation that can empower social media

Former Facebook employee Frances Haugen is raising a large sum of money to create an organization focused on social media responsibility.

Nine months ago, the former project manager of one of the largest platforms uncovered a number of internal Facebook documents.

This information has severely damaged the image of the social network, and now Frances Haugen has decided to take it off up to $ 5 million create a non-profit organization to strengthen the accountability of the platform.

Organization called “Beyond the Screen”

“Before [mes révélations]each of us could see only what is on our own screen. “ she told Politico. “What has changed with the discoveries is that we now know what is happening outside of our screens. That has changed the math about how we approach these jobs. ”

Her organization, which she wants to christen “Beyond the Screen”, wants to integrate a broader vision of the role of social networks. He currently works on a small budget, with three full-time employees, including Frances Haugen.

According to Politico, the whistleblower wants to lift the veil potentially harmful practices platforms, which were made public through his revelations to the U.S. government and media around the world.

Encourage investors to know how platforms work

For its part, Facebook’s parent company – Meta – denies promoting its own financial interests to the detriment of its billions of users. However, the former Facebook employee, who has spent the past six months testifying in front of politicians and advocating the need for greater control of social media, does not see it the same way.

She told Politico that her organization had secured funding from donors early – without revealing the names of the organizations that support it – and that it currently wants to raise up to $ 5 million.

One of the goals of whistleblowers is toeducate lawyers about what they should look for in their quest, if they come across large platforms. Frances Haugen also wants encourage investors to examine how socially responsible a technology company is before giving it money.

Create a “fake” social network

Finally, Frances Haugen wants to create a “fake” social network, a kind of artificial platform in which regulators and researchers can simulate potential scenarios and have the opportunity to discover how platforms work.

Whistleblower is currently raising funds and indicated that her organization will be divided between what is happening in the United States and the effects of social networks in the rest of the world.

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