How will you use UGC to draw and convert extra prospects?

User Generated Content (UGC) is user generated content. These can be photos, videos, opinions … They are published on social networks or even on the brand’s website.

They are real marketing levers for brand image, but not only.

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In his latest guide, Meltwater, a leader in business intelligence, reveals how to use UGC to attract and convert more customers.


Improve your physical point of sale experience

Although one might think otherwise, UGC is not limited to e-commerce. Indeed, it is possible to use user-generated content to achieve different goals in physics. Among them is an increase in sales. However, this requires complete transparency towards customers. Meltwater’s White Paper reveals that 92% of them believe other people’s recommendations, even those they don’t know. They prefer personal opinions to content created by brands.

Faced with this observation, World Duty Free uses digital signage in stores to display content created by Internet users: videos, testimonials, reviews, etc. A positive consumer opinion can encourage a consumer who is reluctant to buy. It’s more convincing and fairer than a sales proposition.

Attracting customers to your store is one thing, but retaining them is another. To do this, you need to offer them an interesting experience in which UGC can help. For example, the American donut chain Krispy Kreme engages and entertains customers by posting user posts on the wall marked with the brand’s hashtags. In this way, customers feel noticed and involved. It is also an easy and inexpensive way to promote new products.

In this guide you will find that UGC is also effective for:

  • Attract more visitors through brand activation;
  • Build trust in the brand;
  • Build loyalty and defend your long-term interests.

Meltwater gives you many examples of brands that will inspire you. To get to know them all, just download the white paper.


UGC to attract and convert more customers online

UGC can also give a huge boost to e-commerce. It is used especially for the conversion of a large number of customers, through various channels: websites, newsletters, e-mails … The White Paper shows that including consumer opinions on product pages can increase conversions by 74%.

User-generated content can also be reused on social media. It is a good idea to add a link for the current purchase when the customer is most likely to buy the product.

Brands sometimes use UGC to increase sales for holidays such as Black Friday and the seasons. For example, sharing customer posts about gifts they have bought for loved ones in the past, for example, can persuade people to take a product when the time comes.

This guide will let you know the other three reasons why you should consider UGC in your e-commerce strategy:

  • Convert more customers;
  • Increase the time spent on your website;
  • Get information and ideas for new campaigns.

In the last part of this white paper, Meltwater also explains how to become an omnichannel at a lower cost. You will receive tips on setting up omnichanals and UGCs to improve your business. Download this guide for all expert advice.


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