LinkedIn launches a advertising and marketing certificates to create content material and advertisements

LinkedIn offers free courses for creating and maintaining organic and paid content.

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LinkedIn offers three courses related to creating content and ads. © Natee Meepian –

Short and free training courses for creating content and advertisements on LinkedIn

LinkedIn announces the launch of courses on creating content and advertising that allow you to earn LinkedIn Marketing Labs certification. “These courses have something to offer traders of all experience levels”, states the social network. Objective: to gain knowledge of best practices to be applied in terms of content strategy and to understand how to create paid and organic content.

Three courses in content and ad creation are available at LinkedIn Marketing Labs:

  • Establish an organic presence with LinkedIn sites: This is a 20-30 minute course that aims to learn how to create and animate a LinkedIn page, but also to use all the features that will establish the credibility of your brand.
  • Creative LinkedIn ad design: The goal of this 10-minute course is to learn how to design visually appealing ads that will encourage users to interact with your content on the platform.
  • Create a LinkedIn content marketing strategy: this 30-40 minute course allows you to learn how to develop and distribute content at all stages of the marketing flow (awareness, consideration, conversion). Goal: reach the right people at the right time and improve your business.

LinkedIn announces that these courses are already available in French, English, German, Spanish and Portuguese. At the end of these trainings, a 60-minute exam is offered to test your knowledge of all the skills acquired. This evaluation can be tried a maximum of three times, a trial exam is suggested before the start.

Certification to meet the needs of the content strategy

After taking the exam, LinkedIn users receive a certificate that can be added to their profile on the social network and will last for 2 years. According to the platform, the interest for professionals is twofold:

  • Gain the knowledge and tools needed to create a content marketing strategy that stands out in a crowded market,
  • Demonstrate expertise in paid and organic content development.

To support his thesis, LinkedIn relies on a study conducted by HubSpot on the state of marketing in 2022, stating that “Content continues to grow in importance, with 66% of resellers planning to spend more of their budget on it this year.”.

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