SMEs: create and implement a related HR technique!

Under the pressure of everyday life, staff management is sometimes carried out in a pragmatic and informal way. However, the human resources function has strategic issues that need to be addressed. This requires a step forward in order to build an HR strategy in line with the company’s business challenges. How to achieve an efficient and quickly applicable HR strategy? What practices are necessary for its application?

HR strategy and corporate vision: necessary alignment

HR strategy refers to the life cycle of employees within the company, from hiring to leaving. It also offers a medium-term vision of strategic directions to be followed in order to obtain the best possible combination of human resources, promoting the retention and development of talent. This makes it a real lever for growth, provided it is in line with the company’s strategy. How next?

Start with an analysis of business orientations: is it the development of certain sectors, the creation of new activities or even takeovers? These decisions necessarily include human resource actions: employment plan, mobility, training, etc.

Coconstruction: a key factor in adopting an HR strategy

An influential HR strategy cannot be decided behind closed doors. It is ideal to organize a workshop with CODIR (Executive Committee) to align business decisions with HR orientations. Together, the first issue is the definition of objectives and indicators for human resource strategy management, which will be discussed during the various CODIR meetings.

Then, to ensure the success of the operational implementation of your HR strategy, rely on managers and employees. The more ownership goes upstream, the more likely it is that the human resources action plan will be in line with expectations and accepted. For example, if a company is investing in one of its business activities, you can conduct a series of workshops on HR actions to be implemented and priorities to be set (training, employment, mobility, etc.).

Communication and human resources strategy: transparency above all

In order to limit resistance, it is necessary to communicate about HR strategy. Goals? Provide maximum transparency of ongoing HR decisions and actions. Your targets? CODIR members, HR teams, employees, managers, CSE.

For effective communication, you can establish a network of staff ambassadors, identified in each department. Their mission will be to disseminate key information to teams and report irritants.

Do not hesitate to communicate as soon as possible, even on sensitive situations: reorganization, merger, etc. Use different communication channels: video, newsletter, email, internal social network, etc. It all depends on your habits and corporate culture.

Finally, be careful: listen to employee feedback to be part of a continuous improvement approach. For example, you can start a pilot phase: test specific human resource policies on a limited scale, gather feedback, and adjust as needed to prepare for your larger-scale implementation.

Digitization: the key to successful human resource management

To optimize HR strategy management, your best ally is digitization. Indeed, a tool like HRIS allows you to consolidate data and have the overview you need to make the right decisions.

Similarly, the software makes it easy to track various HR processes, which are sometimes complex, such as:

  • training: organization, administrative management, needs analysis, online catalog, etc. ;
  • management of annual interviews and staff: simplification of administrative procedures;
  • employment monitoring: number of recruits, transformation of applications into employment, response time, etc.

Thanks to the submitted reports and data analysis, the indicators are easily accessible and portable. This is a valuable aid to promote the results of human resources policy to CODIR and employees.

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