the investigation was opened following dying threats to the CPE

After an argument between a high school student and CPE at a high school in Paris, the name of the advisor leaked to social networks, after which she received insults and death threats.

Death threats, charges, accusations of Islamophobia … The investigation was opened on Friday by the National Center for Combating Online Hate of the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office following a complaint by the Lycée Charlemagne (Paris) chief education adviser, a victim of death threats and online harassment. .

It all started last Thursday, when a student showed up at the Lycée Charlemagne under the veil of taking the prom. The candidate does not belong to this high school and only goes to the exam there. At the entrance to the institution, the CPE asks the young girl to take off the veil, in accordance with the law. Here things are getting worse, and the two versions currently coexist.

High school version

The young girl, for her part, explains that as soon as she arrives at the school door, the CPE asks her to take off “her thing on her head”. The candidate says she was executed at the time, according to an interview she gave for Révolution Permanente. But, according to her, that is not enough for the CPE, which does not want to let her go, accusing her of provocation and coming to make propaganda under a veil.

The high school student explains that she was treated as a “monster”, “messy”, “animal”, and that the CPE treated her in a very violent way.

A video taken at the time, posted on social media, shows an adviser to the establishment shouting: “You put it in the background, you are asked to remove it, remove it, period.” However, this is not the beginning of the exchange and the direct cause of the quarrel.

The high school student, for her part, claims to have received several testimonies in high school reporting racist, Islamophobic thinking by the CPE. Révolution Permanente also collected testimonies from high school staff shocked by the CPE’s violence against a young girl, which speaks to previous Islamophobic acts in the establishment.

In this situation, the candidate for graduation is pointing the finger at the government, which “carried out attacks on Muslim women, especially wearing a veil”, which “disturbed” their freedom.

CPE version

For her part, the counselor of the institution assures that the girl refused to take off the veil when she was asked to do so. According to some witnesses, the student was determined not to listen, at the same time stating: “I will pass”. The CPE would then continue to remind her that she must take off the veil, which she does not.

The quarrel takes place just before the graduation exam, scheduled for 2 p.m. Although she will leave soon, the passage to the examination room was blocked by a challenge, the same sources claim. To avoid delaying the start of the test and unlocking access, the young girl is asked to walk away and the tone is raised.

CPE then loses his temper and climbs the towers in front of the young girl’s rejection. The video broadcast by Révolution Permanente will therefore begin at that time.

All the sources gathered by BFMTV agree in the fact that the girl was provoked, but also that CPE lost its nerve. In short, mistakes would be shared.

Complaint of death threats

If the complaint was filed, it was because the story was transmitted on the social network Twitter – in messages that have now been deleted – through one of the student’s friends, who explained to BFMTV that she was not at the scene. In this thread, CPE is treated as Islamophobic, leading to the first salvo of insults and death threats against him. The identity of the counselor is then revealed online, where she is insulted, called Islamophobic, while the threats continue.

However, since the assassination of Samuel Paty, a professor of history and geography in October 2020, endangering the lives of others by spreading information about private, family and professional life has become a crime.

The CPE has lodged a complaint, and the Central Office for Combating Crimes against Humanity and Hate Crimes (OCLCH) has been tasked with investigating death threats, moral harassment online and endangering the lives of others by disseminating information about private, family or professional life. ), according to the Paris Prosecutor’s Office for AFP.

On Sunday, a young woman was arrested and detained in police custody near Amiens, she is suspected of putting the name CPE on the internet. During her police detention, which has since been lifted, she explained that she wanted the police to draw attention to the student’s situation, but that she quickly removed the tweet that identified the CPE, which is true. No decision has been made against her, but she has not been acquitted at this stage.

Investigators will now focus on tackling the most dangerous tweets against the CPE, and move on to other arrests if possible. They have already heard the CPE and the student, according to AFP. The latter is not in question.

Melanie Vecchio and Véronique Fèvre with Salomé Vincendon

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