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Content strategy is important for SEO to improve the user experience on your website by giving it high added value. Writing SEO content or simply creating quality content is therefore key to naturally referencing your website on Google.

Creating relevant content effectively increases the number of visits to your company’s website, which allows you to improve your visibility on the Internet, especially on Google (one of the most used search engines at the moment).

From the beginning to the appearance of content on a page on Google, you need to have a good SEO content strategy to achieve better content marketing results. We tell you everything in this section.

Writing text in SEO language, what is it?

It goes without saying that in recent years, texts with SEO content have become increasingly important in web marketing strategies. Whether it’s blog articles, videos on a YouTube channel, or even a feedback system, the content of the page will always be highlighted. SEO content is a set of information that needs to be optimized to promote its appearance on search engines like Google.

To create relevant content, you need to consider different relevance criteria. Indeed, quality content must include:

  • The main keyword
  • Secondary keywords (built from the main keyword semantic field)
  • Meta description
  • Several subtitles
  • Paragraph texts
  • Links
  • Graphic media (images, audio, video, etc.)

All search engines (including Google) have structured information about Internet users or readers. This database is regularly updated to give Internet users access to the maximum amount of information and content creators to improve the visibility of their website on Google.

What is the role of content in SEO strategy?

A content strategy is used to improve your company’s online visibility to attract a potential customer, regardless of your area of ​​business. Content marketing enables the promotion of services or products by providing as much information about the company and its activities as possible free of charge.

Google is creating a database to build organic traffic that will give readers access to the information they need. Internet users submit their query from the search bar. Google considers a keyword or groups of keywords to create a search-related semantic field. All you have to do is click on the answer to your query to see relevant content on the first page of Google.

Keep in mind that SEO text optimization or natural referencing is mostly based on keywords. Google actually uses algorithms to classify web pages based on keyword relevance, backlinks (inbound links), meta tags (meta title and meta description), or even alt tags (targeted keywords dedicated to images).

Second, you need to keep in mind that Google regularly updates its database. To do this, analyze the source or load speed of your page.

Why is SEO reference important for businesses?

Natural referencing is necessary for companies to better sell their services. As with all content marketing strategies, creating websites, blog articles, presentation pages, etc., allows you as an entrepreneur to improve the image of your business and expand your sales channel to increase your profits.

Optimizing your texts also gives you first place in search engines (Bing, Yandex, Google, Yahoo, etc.). The less rejection your site generates, the better Google’s ranking system. The return corresponds to the departure of the Internet user from the site, which means that the Internet user only consulted your site before leaving the site. Google takes into account the rejection rate (number of visits) of your website when updating data. To improve the natural referencing of your content type (blog, e-commerce sites, YouTube videos, etc.), your homepage dropout rate should be between 40 and 50%.

What are the SEO rules that improve online visibility?

To improve your visibility on the web, you need to consider a few optimization rules. The goal is to set up content marketing while respecting different relevance criteria. Therefore, it is important to incorporate a small reminder or CTA (call to action) into your content.

Calls to action allow users to interact with the page administrator or page moderator. He can actually make contact, request a service (proforma invoice), give an opinion or even buy a product. In your content, the CTA can be in the form of an invitation sentence. It can also be in the form of buttons.

Another rule to follow when optimizing content concerns the length of texts. Indeed, the latter varies depending on the type of content written. For a product sheet, for example, the maximum length is estimated at 350 words. For a blog post, 500 to 800 words are enough for optimization, and for informative articles, natural referencing takes into account more than 1000 words.

Finally, you should give the most importance to the main keyword. This word or group of words allows Google’s algorithms to identify your content based on reader queries. The main keywords must appear first in the text in the introduction.

How to make an example of SEO text?

To create SEO optimized content (Search engine optimization), you must first work on various text tags. In general, your text must contain:

  • Title tag: This is the title of your page that Google displays in search results. This tag must include a main keyword.
  • Meta description: This is a summary that describes the content of your article. Appears in search results, labeled Title.
  • H1 title tag: This is the main title or editorial title of your article and must include the main keyword.
  • Subheadings: must summarize the content of the paragraph of your article. They may contain other subtitles.
  • To implement an efficient optimization approach to generate organic traffic, you must:
  • Use an agency to write quality content
  • Create relevant content to engage your readers
  • Make sure that the content of the page contains the above relevance criteria
  • Create texts rich in semantic and lexical fields
  • Use videos or other visuals to get people’s attention Add links to calls to action

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