4 Ideas for Higher On-line Gross sales, Advertising and marketing and Gross sales

Customers are on your website, hesitant to confirm their order. What will make a difference in relation to your competition or what will start the sale is undoubtedly the commercial offer you will make to conclude the sale. Here are the keys to successful sales.

# 1. Offer shipping costs: the best promotion!

60% of shopping carts are abandoned by internet users if shipping costs are too high (Wix figures). The topic is so sensitive that it sometimes leads a customer to make a purchase in a store or to get closer to the competition. Extraordinary promotion with too high shipping costs is no longer cheap!

So offer shipping costs: it’s a great lever to improve your conversion rate. It is good practice to offer shipping costs of a certain amount so as not to affect your margin: in this way you improve the transformation, and at the same time encourage customers to increase the amount of their basket.

You can also act on Delivery method : at home (faster and more expensive), in a relay (often cheaper). To do this, you will need to contact the transport and delivery companies (La Poste, Relais Colis, Mondial Relay, etc.).

# 2. Make smart promotions

The right plan, the right offer that customers are looking for is the low price of a valuable product. Therefore, your challenge is to find the best formula between a price that is low enough to increase your sales, but not too low to maintain your margin and not reduce the value of your product. A discount on the second or third item is the usual lever to increase your average basket (“2nd item at half price”, “buy 2, get 3rd free”).

Price promotion is only effective if it is known (“not seen, not sold”). So don’t skimp on communication: on your website, on social media, through advertising and emails for customer bases. Tip: Leak a promotion on a bid-sharing website like Dealabs.com. You reach as many people as possible and thanks to the promotion evaluation system, you quickly set yourself up for the attractiveness of your promotion.

Other ways to sell to new customers:

– Sponsorship offer: your customers become your ambassadors and recommend your product. And they win along the way (in money, promotion, gift ().

– With each order, issue a voucher or promo code: “-10% for the next purchase”, “-15% for the next reservation and a free bottle of champagne”, “free treatment for the next appointment at the institute”.

# 3. Offer a free trial

The best trial offer is Netflix’s: 1 month free, no obligation. From the moment customers test the product and adopt it, they remain trapped for a long time. The principle is the same when the baker tastes his new products in the shop. If you are confident in the value of your service or product, you do not take the risk of testing them. It is up to you to provide an exceptional user experience.

On the Internet, all CMS (Jimdo, Wix, Shopify, etc.) test their tools, aware that if a customer invests time in creating a website, they will be loyal to them.

# 4. Customize your sales funnel

Rule: a a short and simple sales funnel. However, a slight turnaround is possible, which can increase conversions by 10% while improving the collection of user information. It consists of the division of order validation:

– On the first page you need to ask the name and surname and e-mail address of the customer to create an account for him and have on hand his contact information to restart it (in case of an abandoned basket or simply add it to the customer database).

– On the other page, the customer is invited to confirm his payment. This tactic not only allows adding a new customer to the database, but also reduces the amount of information that needs to be filled in per page, which encourages the customer to complete the purchase.

Mickaël Vigreux is the author of the book “Everyone can find customers online! », Published by Vuibert in January 2021, 192 pages, 16.90 euros.


Mickaël Vigreux has been working in the digital and telecommunications sector for 15 years. The sales manager for Afnic, the coach for Réussiren.fr and LesFoliweb and the #FranceNum activator, helps VSE and SMEs get online. He is the author of the book “Everyone can find customers online! », Published Vuibert’s editions in January 2021.

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