“Completely humorous”, “exploded finale” … Bastien and François conquer Koh-Lanta, web customers disenchanted to be two winners

That’s it ! After more than 40 days of fierce competition, the 2022 edition Koh Lanta completed tonight on TF1. And this season, not one, but two adventurers won: Bastien and François! This obviously caused a lot of reactions on social networks.

40 days later … Koh-Lanta, Damn Totem, It is over ! The survival game presented by Denis Brogniart was coming to an end on June 21 in the high-flying final! So, at the end of the post, not two but three persons who qualified for the final jury vote. The winner of the legendary event of the program is none other than Geraldine. And a reversal! Denis Brogniart announced that this year there will not be two, but three finalists! La Vannetaise therefore took care of the selection Francis go with her to the final jury. For his part, the latter intended bastien. A three-way match that therefore ended live in Paris, on the slightly more comfortable TF1 set.

Finale of Koh Lanta… at three!

A real surprise for the fans of the show, because so far, even for the jubilee 20th edition with more surprises (and cheating), only two have qualified for the grand finale. With three people facing the votes of the reunification jury, the games were therefore far from over. And as you might expect, this new rule has reacted on social media. This season from Koh Lantawhich had no echo of the previous one, was the only edition distributed this year. TF1 has already announced this, there will be no second season on the air this fall. The chain prefers to rest its sentencing program before the return is likely planned for next year.

And two crowned live winners on TF1: Bastien and François!

On Twitter, many internet users were touched by this end of the season, but above all they reacted to the outcome of this final. And with good reason, there were not one but two winners! If Géraldine collected three votes, her two competitors were tied with four votes each. Bastien and François were therefore crowned great winners Koh Lanta !! The two men, both very moved, fell into each other’s arms before all their comrades joined them, delighted with them. Denis Brogniart congratulated them and there was no time on Twitter for fun, but for surprises and misunderstandings. Totally funny“,”Total misunderstanding“,”the finale exploded“… can we read specifically on social media. Some tweeters also pointed to the fact that last All-Stars season had no winner, while Claude Dartois should have won in terms of votes.

Here’s our review of tweets from the evening:

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