On Instagram, actuality TV stars are multiplying monetary scams

Financial scams, which are especially numerous on social networks, very often target young audiences. Celebrities of reality TV now make a living from it.

Financial fraud, fueled by social media, is becoming increasingly popular. Influencers, mostly from reality TV, are no strangers to this. Poll in the newspaper 20 minutes reveals how easily they kidnap, sometimes for large sums, their very young audience.

On the part of the Directorate-General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention (DGCCRF), there is a “worrying increase” in deceptive commercial practices “especially by influential ones”, the institution explains. 20 minutes.

Celebrities, often from reality TV programs, are indeed a number to turn into various businesses, within more or less transparent partnerships, and very often lead to fraud.

“passive investments”

Among the influential people identified by the survey, Fr. 20 minutesJulien Bert, seen in The Angels of Reality TV, urges her subscribers to engage in “passive investment” trading and promise huge sums in the game.

Influenserka started her own trading company “Vukova investicija”. In promotional videos, posted on Instagram, Julien Bert does not lack prose to bite the hook.

“It’s not about the money you’ll make or could make, it’s the money you lose watching this video. You’ll keep losing if you don’t join Wolf’s investment,” the man explains in one of his videos since it was removed, but reports the diary.

As a reminder 20 minutes, these practices involving money have been carefully tested by the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF). These are online advertisements, and also for financial products.

Indeed, Julien Bert offers a passive trading platform, which means that you deposit your money there and expect – in principle – an investment that fulfills the promises made by the influencer. It does not inform its potential investors about the risks associated with these financial practices, which is illegal.

smoke screen

“It is appropriate to question the financial skills of these people who present themselves as experts, the honesty and disinterest of these recipes, whose charged nature is not always clearly indicated,” the AMF points out. 20 minutes.

And these warnings are well-founded: the company founded by Julien Bert has simply disappeared since the poll was published.

One of the victims contacted 20 minutes therefore, it indicates the deposit, above all, of small amounts of prudence. Once in confidence – after the initial return on investment, she dared and deposited larger sums.

At the time, the platform contacted her: the site was allegedly hacked and lost. He was even told that the FBI was “doing what is necessary.”

Since then, the promotions published by Julien Bert have disappeared from social networks. The influencer pointed out the opposite on a daily basis, specifying that these were only “ephemeral stories”.

He also quoted 20 minutes, we find a married couple Blato, a duo of influencers who went to live in Dubai. The latter launched a platform for trading on Telegram secure messages. This is the so-called “copy trading” platform: this practice consists of reproducing investments and placing experienced traders. Like Julien Bert, influencers do not cite the risks associated with these practices, hidden behind striking and seductive phrases.

In the same vein, former reality TV star Nabilla Benattia was fined 20,000 euros for “deceptive commercial practices” while promoting a shopping site on the social network Snapchat. She did not clearly indicate that she was paid for this operation, nor did she indicate the potential risks for Internet users.

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