the controversy surrounding the character within the sequence creates chaos on the web

From June 3, 2022, Prime Video broadcasts the long-awaited third season The Boys. After the first three episodes, fans of the Eric Kripke series had to wait until Friday each week for a new episode to be presented. As promised, this sequel was even busier, more violent and reckless than previous seasons. From the first episode, viewers have witnessed a superhero capable of shrinking, who decided to penetrate his spouse’s urethra to test new sexual experiences … Here we are. Season 3 of The Boys it also allowed us to meet new characters, already well known to comic book readers, including the amazing Soldier Boy. If we’re sure we’ll hear about him in future episodes, another superhero made a mess on the web. This is the Blue Hawk, a new avenger presented as openly racist. Unfortunately, it did not win the wrath of internet users as one might have hoped. What’s worse, he was even advocated and cheered on by fans of the show on Reddit.

Who is Blue Hawk in season 3 The Boys ?

Blue Hawk, introduced in season 3 The Boysis a kind of direct competitor to the A-train. Like him, he can run at unprecedented speeds. Except like him, this new avenger doesn’t pay attention to the people around him when he starts using his superpower. What’s worse, the Blue Hawk seems to like fast races through neighborhoods dominated by the black community. In episode 5, A-train specifically urges him to apologize to them for killing an unarmed man. If he tries in vain to realize that he is just trying to stop the crime, regardless of the color of the offender’s skin, his speech proves the exact opposite. At the end of his speech, Blue Hawk spins and starts killing new individuals from the black community for freesummoning “all lives are important” (“All lives matter” in English, a slogan associated with the extreme right) in response to Black Live Matter people present. If his attitude is as infamous as his speech, the avenger still won the favor of some internet users …

Blue Hawk (The Boys) defended by the American far right on Reddit, the moderators overwhelmed

If the moderators of the social network Reddit were sometimes indignant when they saw that they were some fans The Boys perhaps they would find the character of Homelander likable despite his explicit portrayal as a villain, they only expected the Blue Hawk, openly racist and proud of itor defended by internet users. “I am the moderator there. [Nous sommes] 3 days after the new episode and reports continue to arrive about ‘Blue Hawk was right’ / ‘Becca wasn’t raped’ etc, comments left and right. I spent the whole day on it. ” commented Reddit moderator, before to clarify, sarcastically: “Today we opened apps for moderators, and you can be TheBoys moderator, that’s * too much fun.” Ryan Broderick, a freelance journalist covering the situation, added the following comment : The Reddit forum on The Boys is currently an absolute mess. Topics are locked, users are deleting entire accounts in a rage. It’s amazing. Right-wing users are complaining because they don’t want politics, but it’s impossible to talk about the show now without them. Fans who thought it was The cool protectors are in crisis. ” Season 3 of The Boys is still being broadcast on Prime Video, so the controversy is not over …

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