“Twitter sabotaged my marketing campaign”: Francis Lalanne unsuccessfully sues the social community

“I’m outraged,” Francis Lalanne burped. The Paris Court of Justice has declared his 63-year-old artist’s Twitter attack invalid. On June 7, the then candidate for the legislative elections submitted a request from the social network for a legal invitation to the blue bird. In question: tweets that he considers “inaccurate and misleading” about him, and that he intended to delete Twitter, with a fine of 1,000 euros per day of delay. These messages accuse him of colluding with Russia after the singer accused Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky of lying about his presence in Kiev (see below).

“We simply wanted to implement the anti-fake news law passed in 2018,” said his lawyer, Emmanuel Ludot. The invited text instructs the platforms to implement “measures to combat the dissemination of false information that could disturb public order or change the sincerity of one of the ballots.” Also, after his Twitter account was suspended last July, Francis Lalanne complained about the account of his new account, in the middle of the election campaign, on May 26, 2022.

If the unfortunate candidate, eliminated in the first round in Charente, disappeared from Twitter, it was because he multiplied controversial tweets like this, which is why his first order was suspended: “They will never confirm that they are deaths because of the vaccine, otherwise to organize a crime against humanity! So people will officially die from everything but vaccines! ”“ also a plague over the platform’s constant refusal to verify its accounts, “as if by accident.” Contacted by Capital, Twitter France declined our request for comment.

Procedural shortcoming

Finally, the Court of Justice in Paris declared the summons null and void for “violation, by the prosecutor, of the rules relating to postulation.” In particular, Francis Lalanne’s lawyer was registered with the Reims Bar Association … while the summary proceedings took place in Paris. However, “in the last two years, civil law reform has made it necessary for a lawyer to apply even in summary proceedings, and the court must be a local lawyer,” explains Charles Simon, a field lawyer. It is clear that Emmanuel Ludot should have called a colleague registered with the Paris Bar Association to legitimize the procedure.

An objection refuted by the Francis Lalanne Council, citing an exception related to the election law. After being asked about the “textual basis of this exception”, the Paris court stated in its report that Francis Lalanne’s lawyer “was not able to specify this basis”. With Capital, Emmanuel Ludot insists and signs: “There is no postulation in the election summary.” And to add that he will “certainly get an appeal”, but he is convinced that he does not see the point of that, since the parliamentary elections have passed.

Mad with rage, Francis Lalanne is formal: “Twitter sabotaged my campaign.” Eliminated in the first round, the singer won 2.12% of the vote, taking eighth place out of thirteen candidates. “It’s just started, I don’t intend to stop there,” he continues. The artist evokes a big “anti-Twitter procedure” in preparation with his lawyer, so the social network reactivates his account.

These are not the first delays with the vaccine activist’s justice. Last February, after the publication of a forum in which he called on the army to arm itself in order to overthrow Emmanuel Macron, an investigation was opened against that media personality, the Huffington Post reported at the time.

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