Which social community to decide on based on your sector of exercise?

Community managers generally have several social networks that they manage for the companies or brands they work for. However, it is not necessary to spread its activities to all available channels.

Depending on your sector and field of activity, some platforms will not generate qualified or relevant traffic for you. Therefore, it will be useless to schedule your efforts there or just to be present because they stayed there.

It is a strategic business for which it is essential to know consumers and your audience well and to concentrate your efforts on the interfaces where they are present.

Discover the major social networks that are likely to be most relevant to your business!


This is a platform that has been around for ten years and is very popular among streamers and gamers in general. If Twitch has been reserved for these users for a long time, it is clear that the network has experienced the birth of new vocations, especially since host Samuel Etienne used it to revive his show.

Twitch is therefore an emerging channel today that can perfectly meet the rapprochement of your community, in order to create a commitment to a variety of topics.

Nowadays, there are such many influential people from the online casino community that play live on slot machines and other games of chance. They use this to present how virtual casinos work and list those who offer the best bonuses. Given that these activities are strictly regulated, it seems appropriate to make good use of social networks to promote them.

There are also numerous channels dedicated to discussions on very diverse and diverse topics, some dedicated to music, visual arts, and even culinary arts. Twitch is thus becoming an increasingly interesting network for brands and companies as it opens up to a multitude of activities.

Facebook (Meta)

The first and largest social network in the world, which recently became Meta, still gathers more than 2 billion users regularly. The target is mostly 25/34, as almost 35% of users are in this age group.

Facebook (Meta)

Regardless of the industry, Facebook will remain the main commodity for many brands and companies, and its new focus on Metaverse will undoubtedly enable its revival. Many monetization opportunities are possible on Facebook, and its Ads platform remains an absolute reference for reaching its audience.

Counting on the orientation of Metavers, there is no doubt that we will have to rely on Facebook again to discover new horizons for online business. Therefore, it is necessary to be there in order to at least prepare for the arrival of virtual worlds.

The only gray area on the board at the moment is the organic reach that has collapsed and which encourages payment to gain visibility. Similarly, many users put Facebook aside, but these were mostly people looking for fun, not necessarily a job in general.


More than 320 million users come every month to share their content Twitter. Like Facebook’s flagship network, Twitter is one of the major social networks that a community manager can or must focus on.


If its number of users is equalized over the years, it is no less interesting. With its micro-blogging principle limited to 280 characters, it is main network of journalists and media of all kinds. Twitter is also the basis of a well-known hashtag, which allows its content to be indexed and thus positioned on its strong keywords. Many people there also gain influence through the use of hashtags.

You will mostly reach a younger audience, as 41% of those registered are between 18 and 24 years old. The network also offers an advertising platform to acquire subscribers or promote products, services, mobile applications, etc.


Instagram is the perfect middle ground between Facebook and Twitter in terms of age, but it is only based on sharing photos and videos up to one minute long. Stories However, in a very short time they became the main format that is shared daily.

It’s a favorite social network of influencers! They are more than 85% on the platform and represent all sectors of activity.

Some areas are still better represented than others, such as travel, fashion, beauty, or even the food universe. Everything that is visually seen will have its place without any problems!

If you want to establish your presence there, you will need it work upstream on visual content production and / or short videos whose sense of aesthetics will be in line with the audience you are targeting.


The philosophy of this platform is essentially related to the philosophy of influential people who highlight the products of different brands and companies. Therefore, it is a desirable platform for the development of your image, your e-reputation, but above all your sales. Influencer campaigns could be the axis for working in collaboration with an influencer marketing agency and community manager.


Of Chinese descent, TikTok was initially a social network par excellence that flourished among young people. It was mainly intended for the publication of short music videos that showcased the artistic skills of young singers, musicians or even dancers. This is still the case, but the content being broadcast has now spread to many areas.

Over the past 2 years its interface has become more democratic in operation and use. If the public is still young, although all age groups are beginning to take an interest in it, many content with increasingly diverse topics is emerging.


Moreover, it could surpass Instagram in terms of the number of users, although the latter is trying to emulate TikTok as it has already done with Snapchat. TikTok diversifies and many influencers are creating a presence there, as the value is on the rise and offers a real alternative to Instagram by betting more on video.

As a community manager, you must have the ability develop videos to start with TikTok and make the community thrive there, something not given to all sectors and all sizes of business.


Bought by Microsoft for an astronomical sum, LinkedIn remains the only fully professional network and remains essential for the development of its presence and business. The network offers the creation of a personal profile to which professional sites and / or discussion groups can join. It acts a bit like Facebook in terms of the space and content that is broadcast there.


Linkedin also offers an advertising platform, but it takes a significant budget to hope to take full advantage of it. You can improve your publications, develop promotional campaigns or even promote job offers.

LinkedIn also hosts a content editor, through which you can write content, but which will be intended exclusively for the platform. However, you can insert links to your content or your website.

If the social network is known as professional, it contains more and more content that is not necessarily intended to be shared there, hence the phrase that is spreading: “LinkedIn is Facebook”, but remains necessary for business.

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