Cegedim SRH expands its vary of companies with the acquisition of Lapland, an revolutionary real-time depart administration answer

Cegedim SRH, a leading player in payroll and human resource outsourcing, announces the acquisition Laplanda French startup founded in 2016, with a mission to effectively reduce the impact of absenteeism on the company’s turnover. Cegedim SRH complete like this again through functionality its platform HRIS TeamsHR.

In steady growth since 2016, absenteeism costs amount to more than € 100 billion a year1 for the whole French economy. In addition to the economic impact, absenteeism causes great difficulties in organizations, especially in sectors of activity that are open to the public: shops, agencies, catering, hotels, residences, health facilities, etc.

Based on this finding, Lapland has successfully developed a digital platform available in SaaS mode to offer real-time replacements to internal and external employees. Easy to use, solution Lapland informs all employees in real time about available tasks and thus allows them to freely choose tasks with increased income. On the business side, Lapland automates and legally secures the entire process from publishing new assignments to electronically signing changes.

The benefits for companies are therefore multiple: faster replacement of employees who have already undergone training, drastic reduction of the administrative burden for managers and improvement of their employer’s brand for user companies. A promise already kept by major players in distribution and hospitality, such as Monoprix, Bio c’Bon, Franprix, La Vie Claire, and even the recipients of the Burger King franchise.
Acquisition by Cegedim SRH today marks an important step in striving for and accelerating development Lapland.

“Already used by several joint customers, we have developed a standardized interface between our platforms that makes activating the service easy and fast for all users who use the Teams platform.HR (Payroll and administrative management, time and activity management, talent management, social reporting) “, points out Marion Oliveira, founder Lapland.

An integral part of the portfolio Cegedim SRH, Lapland will be able to respond to the problems of the absence of its 400 customers and use all the technical, financial and commercial resources of the company.

Jérôme Rouselot, director Cegedim SRH, emphasizes: “excellent complementarity between the two companies around a solution that has already been proven and highly valued by ordinary customers, especially in the distribution sector. In addition to this complementarity of applications, we share identical values ​​and put our customers at the center of our priorities and our investments. That is why I am very happy that the founders of Lapland, Marion Oliveira and Edouard Baudry and their teams are joining us to build the future of the solution together. ”

About Lapland:

Created in 2016, Lapland’s mission is to alleviate absences in real time. Using an excellent image with its client companies, Lapland has established itself as an innovative player with retail, distribution and hospitality companies to limit the economic impact of absenteeism. Its solution, valued for its ease of use, offers complete management of the entire replacement management process and stands out from the competition for the broader integration of all target groups: part-time employees, permanent employees. , external.

For more information: www.laponi.co

About Cegedim SRH:

Cegedim SRH is a key player in the HR solutions and services market. The company has almost 30 years of experience in the field of HR outsourcing. Present in France, Morocco, Romania and Switzerland, Cegedim SRH offers its outsourcing solutions to a large clientele of domestic and international companies of all sizes and sectors.
Cegedim SRH also meets the needs of chartered accountants in terms of payroll management for their ALL clients.

For more information: www.cegedim-srh.fr

About Cegedim:

Founded in 1969, Cegedim is an innovative technology and service group specializing in managing digital flows in the healthcare and BtoB ecosystem, as well as in designing business software for healthcare and insurance professionals. Cegedim has more than 5,600 employees in more than 10 countries and had a turnover of 525 million euros in 2021.
Cegedim SA is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange (EURONEXT: CGM).

For more information: www.cegedim.fr
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1 According to a 2018 study by the Sapiens Institute.

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