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(Agence Ecofin) – Out of 1.3 billion inhabitants of the African continent, more than 473 million are present on the Internet. This makes Africa a privileged market witnessing the proliferation of e-commerce platforms. This activity, carried out by both large companies and start-ups, could create 3 million jobs on the continent by 2025, according to Boston Consulting Group. However, this emerging industry could face challenges, including the quality of infrastructure and human resources.

Job description

E-commerce is part of the digital marketing family. Its application is generally the responsibility of professionals, including e-commerce managers.

An e-commerce manager ensures that products are placed online on the sales page he manages. Its main role is to define marketing policy and implement it, optimizing product development to best meet customer expectations. So, this role is also commercial, marketing and technical. He is also responsible for overseeing the image and implementing the business strategy of the company he represents.

There are many missions. He is responsible, among other things, for defining the company’s marketing strategy and ensuring its implementation, analyzing customer behavior when buying, organizing the sales platform by optimizing product promotion, platform ergonomics and customer path, directing order tracking, inventory management, market research, segmentation and target identification products in the market, development of various partnerships in order to improve brand image and referencing e-Commerce site, retain customers or members, analysis of performance indicators and ROI (Return On Investment), provide in-depth technological monitoring and benchmarking.

He is also in charge of drafting the site’s graphic charter (in collaboration with web designers / developers) and legal information on the course of online shopping (with the help of the legal department), securing payments, realizing stories related to communication teams.

An e-commerce manager has an important responsibility, because a significant part of the turnover of his company or his client directly depends on his skills.

This job is generally related to web marketing manager, e-marketing manager, e-commerce manager, e-commerce product manager.

An e-commerce manager can be employed by an online sales company. He can also be a member of a web agency and work for several clients. In his work, he is in regular contact with other players in the company, such as product manager, marketing research manager, database manager.

The salary of an e-commerce manager varies between 150 and 250 euros for beginners, depending on the size of the company. This monthly fee can be supplemented by additional rates defined on the basis of achieved sales results.

Skills to have

Candidates for the position of e-commerce manager generally have solid training at several levels. The position requires a good knowledge of marketing, IT and legal areas. Business or engineering schools offer appropriate courses to access this function. An e-commerce manager mostly comes from a business school or equivalent bac +5 specializing in e-business or digital marketing. However, it should be noted that a two-year master’s degree in e-commerce is an ideal specialization course for this profession.

The job of an e-commerce manager is essentially digital. This requires mastering the web environment, new technologies and digital practices. To do this job better, you need to have a good capacity for analysis and negotiation, mastery of online advertising tools and Webanalytics software, business development and project management skills, knowledge of ecosystem markets, mastery of segmentation and marketing targeting techniques, knowledge of web and mobile technologies and practices , team management.

An e-commerce manager must be an excellent communicator with commercial skills. His job also requires a good knowledge of Office packages (Word, Excel, Access), as well as a good foundation in programming languages ​​and markup (JavaScript, HTML).

In addition to these technical characteristics, an e-commerce manager must know how to show analytical mind, synthesis ability, curiosity, organization, responsiveness and very good interpersonal skills.

Where to train

E-commerce is gaining momentum in Africa and schools have followed suit. The most famous training programs in this field are the Master of Management of Digital Enterprises University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa, master ‘s degree in digital strategy from Group of the Higher Institute of Management in Senegalprogram from Marketing manager in the digital age Algerian Business School in Algeriaprofessional master of digital marketing MDI Business School in Algeria, a digital marketing program University of Mauritius, Professional master’s degree in related marketing and digital communications from High Institute of Management in Tunisia, a professional master’s degree in e-commerce IHEC Carthage in Tunisia, e-commerce MBA Catholic University of East Africa in Kenya, a digital communication program Avicenne Private Business School in Tunisia and a professional master of digital communications High Institute of Digital Arts and Crafts in Senegal.

In addition to universities and colleges that have face-to-face programs, specialized academies offer long online training. This is the case of Insaka Academy of E-Commerce in South Africa, Pan-African Digital Academy of BlueLion and MBway School of Management.

Complementary skills

The field of e-commerce is one of the most dynamic in the digital sector. This requires their practitioners to constantly update their skills. To do this, one of the most affordable ways is to take short online training courses. Therefore, there are training courses like those in the Académie e-commerce nation e-commerce strategies, Google Digital Workshopscourse further OpenClassroom digital marketingcourse further legal risks of marketing and communication also on the OpenClassroom platform, courses Facebook Blueprint courses Academy of Digital Marketing in South Africa.

There is also an e-commerce certificate that provides researchers with the skills to design and implement an e-commerce program.

Finally, in order to do his job to perfection, he must be up to date with new marketing techniques and communication technologies, his two main areas of activity.

Vanessa Ngono Atangana

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