Circulate magnificence week: ‘douyin blush’ for pure summer season make-up

(ETX Daily Up) – Is the blush a new foundation? Long condemned, it seems that the blush is returning strongly to social networks, and TikTok is in the lead, in order to give impetus to even the most dull complexion. Born in China, the latest trick is to apply blush to strategic areas for the natural effect of sunburn – and less harmful to the skin. It’s a ‘douyin blush’.

Unlike xenials and millennials, Zs have made blush with its new beauty necessary, multiplying tricks that everyone should have. After W blush and blush under the eyes, it’s time for the ‘douyin blush’ to be emulated on TikTok. Goal? Bring freshness and radiance to areas that the sun naturally causes to turn yellow. A real phenomenon since the hashtag #sunkissedmakeup collected as many as 7.5 million views on the Chinese social network.

We also owe the Middle Kingdom the trend of ‘douyin blush’, according to a number of users who have succumbed to it. After spreading to several Asian countries, including Japan, this beauty tip is gradually reaching Europe, the United States and Latin America, much to the delight of those who now swear by natural makeup only. We forget the foundation, concealers, highlighter and bronzer, and we bet on light textures that give a healthy shine. And in this little game, blush is a big favorite.

‘Douyin Blush’, whose hashtag has already generated more than 3 million views, requires no special skills, let alone wacky products. The trend is to simply draw the letter ‘v’, more or less depending on the desired result, in very specific places, ie the nose, chin, cheekbones and outer corners of the eyes. Keep in mind that some users prefer hearts to ‘v’, which is undoubtedly more aesthetically pleasing for a social network as visual as TikTok. The last step is to simply mix everything with a beauty blender.

To succeed in this skill, you need to get rid of blush powder, and prefer liquid or cream blush (in a stick). Some users replace blush with red or raspberry lipstick, but it is best to stick to the product that gave the trend its name. According to those who tested it, the result would be spectacular. ‘Douyin Blush’ would achieve the same pink complexion that an afternoon spent in the sun offers – with protection, of course.

For the most natural beauty, it is not necessary to apply this technique on several layers of powder and concealer. It is better to do it on the skin without make-up or with a little make-up, or possibly after applying the primer if you want to hide some flaws … As you would do on a beach trip.

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