Dairy Queen from Trois-Rivières is in vogue on TikTok

The Queen of Milk at the Crown Circle is a great success on the social network TikTok. The short videos posted there by Catherine Gauthier, an employee and daughter of the owner, are seen by thousands of people around the world. To date, the account is followed by 1.3 million subscribers.

This adventure began just before the pandemic, in early March 2020. On her personal account, Catherine posted a video in which employees dance to returning blizzards (the company’s trademark).

“The video went viral,” says Catherine. I did this just for fun. This was not at all for the purpose of sales or marketing approach. Given the success, I changed the name of my personal page to become the Dairy Queen site. I started making other videos with cones, cakes and employees. »

“I did not expect such enthusiasm. I saw people like it, but I didn’t think it was going to get this big. »

“I quickly noticed that my videos were seen by people from all over the world,” Catherine adds. In fact, Quebec subscribers represent only 2-3%. I did not expect such enthusiasm. I saw people like it, but I didn’t think it was going to get this big. »

What he especially appreciates in the fact that he feeds the TikTok account of the family business, is the creative side. He likes to follow trends and draw inspiration from what is being done elsewhere.

“I like to create something beautiful and funny,” she says. It is a mixture between inspiration and my personal ideas. Depending on the concept of the video, it may take me 30 seconds to 1 hour. What’s really good is that other employees join me and agree to participate in the videos. I enjoy it and all the better if he can promote Trois-Rivières and company. »

The queen of milk, a family story

Working at Dairy Queen has special significance for Catherine. Not only does the Crown Roundabout belong to his parents, but it is also a business that has been a part of his family’s history for generations.

It all started with his grandfather who was the director of Dairy Queen. “His father later wanted to buy a branch, so my grandfather showed him how to do it. So my great-grandfather bought his Dairy Queen, and then my grandfather was a little later, in Laval. This is where my parents met. The branch was sold and a few years later, my father wanted to live this experience, so my parents bought this one in Trois-Rivières. I have been working there since I was 15, ”says a young woman who has just completed her fashion marketing studies at the Collège Laflèche.

In his own way, with his videos, he adds one chapter to this story. To watch Catherine’s videos, consult the TikTok account ” dairyqueen_tr“.

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