her mom inadvertently posts her bare on social media

This Tuesday, June 21, Maeve Ghennam’s mother made a big mistake by posting her daughter on Instagram in her simplest device. A story that made internet users talk.

Accustomed to a bad buzz, Maeva Ghennam once again made people talk about her for a reason that would go well. Indeed, this Tuesday, June 21, the young woman had a horrible day and ended up in tears because of itthe recklessness of his mother.

For those who don’t know, Salya Ghennam, Mae’s mother, has just undergone professional retraining. At the age of 50, she is moving into the world of influence, and she joined the agency a few days ago. Shauna Events, founded by Magali Berdah. But the 50-year-old still clearly lacks experience when it comes to posting content on her networks.

Salya and Maeva Ghennam @ Instagram

Maeva Ghennam naked instagram

Indeed, the mother of the family is by mistake, showed his daughter completely naked in one of the photos she posted in her story instagram. As Salya Ghennam poses in front of the mirror in her living room, we see Maeva in the background, in her simplest device. A story that has not bypassed Internet users and which it was transmitted en masse Twitter.

Of course, Internet users did not fail to express their different opinions about this deviation from the road. If some weren’t really shocked by this announcement, claiming that Maeva had always used them to show off in light clothing, others saw it an attempt to create buzz. Because this incident happens soon after the signing of Salya Ghennam at Shauna Events. So we can read on the famous social network:

PTDR Maeva, cries as if she hasn’t been naked for 24 hours.

I’m sure his mother did it on purpose …

Who tells you that it wasn’t Maeva Ghennam who swung her photo to make a buzz … Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Unconvincing explanations

Shortly after this more than embarrassing announcement, Maeva spoke up Snapchat. In tears, she appeared behind the wheel of her car to ask not to share a familiar photo:

She posts pictures, she didn’t even look, I’m too nervous! But please don’t even start spinning it or what, a picture! She didn’t do it on purpose, I hate her too much!

Unfortunately for her, internet users did not consider her request because the sulfur brunette found herself in a trendy topic on Twitter for a few hours.

Additionally, the bill Instagram @ cousin.mg, who would belong to one of her relatives and has been broadcasting more or less grounded information for several days, revealed that Maeva would not cry for long. angry she allegedly physically assaulted her motherbut also to her dog Chanel:

The inflatable balloon just broke its mother. She grabbed her hair, knocked it down, kicked it in the stomach. His mother shouted, “Help! Help!” “. (…) After she broke her mother, she knocked down the dog Chanel. The poor dog barked to defend his mother, she kicked, took off!

It is also alleged that Maeva Ghennam confiscated her mother’s phone to prevent her from expressing herself on social media. Discoveries taken with tweezers. However, this is not the first time that Marseilles has been accused of hitting her mother. In October 2019, Salya Ghennam claimed that her daughter raped her for money.

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