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In this article, we will see how to write good SEO content, great content aimed at the right audience can literally drive your business forward, and SEO is your best ally to increase audiences, achieve your goals and increase traffic and sales.

Indeed, today everyone is looking for what they need on the Internet. Follow this guide to help you create custom SEO content and achieve Google’s top results.

SEO or natural referencing

the keyword selection plays a key role in your performance. However, SEO is not just about keywords, but a set of factors. This is ethical circle of good practices which will primarily result from the quality of your content and the visibility of your readers. SEO or natural referencing has become one of the main web issues since the 2000s.

By working on your natural referencing, you have the opportunity to appear in the first positions on search engines in a few months. To achieve this, you need to produce quality content and provide value. Appearing in the first places is a great way to attract traffic and thus customers for your business.

Choose your keywords well

The key word is the request of Internet users to find answers. It is typed into a search engine such as Bing, Google or Qwant. Choosing keywords is essential in SEO writing. Writing great content is useless if no one comes across it, so it’s important to research keywords.

To do this, put your targets in place, look at the search volume, and analyze the keywords on which your competitors are positioned. Don’t hesitate to search the net a bit, you will find a lot of advice in SEO writing: good SEO practices, tag management, keywords, etc.

Write original content

It seems It’s easier said than done. However, the best way to become recognizable and keep readers on your website is to bring them in original approach about you.

Thanks to its authenticity, your content will attract more readers than someone else’s. You will never be able to stand out if you keep repeating the same information as your competitors. You can use different methods to create original content:

  • Telling stories which allows you to use an anecdote or personal story to convey a message. This method also involves sharing your approach or solution.
  • Copywriting allows you to use emotions to convey your message.

These two methods allow you to not only be extraordinary, but also to be generate feedback which will emphasize the quality of your content. In addition, your content will be favored by Google because it will value originality as opposed to duplicate content. In return, your visit rate will also be better, which will optimize your ranking.

Choosing the right titles and subtitles

When you search for information on Google, you quickly come across a large number of results. And the first thing that solves that… of course, is title. Indeed, the title is the main element of a page or article. It is important to include the keyword in the title pages.

This is a simple but important step. Keywords must also be found in subtitles. However, they should be used sparingly. Indeed, Google notices if you over-optimize your site. It is ideal to integrate your keyword on every third subtitle. Therefore, you must select the title you want to click on.

Write easy-to-read content

Evaluate readability it is not always easy. And it is not exactly one of the factors that affect SEO. But there is makes an impact on natural referencing. It is better to use simple vocabulary, unless you are writing for a very specific professional audience.

You should also use short sentences. In general, we need to find the most 20 words per sentence. Obviously, this is not a literal understanding, but readers better assimilate shorter sentences. Hence the importance of creating more readable content. Be natural and write as you speak. This will allow you to naturally place relevant keywords in your texts.

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