the brand new electro museum in Frankfurt has been sharply criticized

A new museum dedicated to electronic music opened in Frankfurt on April 6. His wish: to celebrate this music, to follow its history, and to emphasize its new faces. However, the project is not unanimous.

The story was beautiful. Announced in 2015 MOMEM, a museum of modern electronic music, had a tumultuous journey. Lacking funds and then space, it finally opened its doors on April 6th. The inauguration was accompanied by a dj set of Sven Vath, the theme of the first open – air museum exhibition in Frankfurt. With the desire to celebrate not only this music but also its culture, the museum has a living space and a bar. In short, everything seems to be going well. But the project still suffered harsh criticism.

This is from the collective female: pressure, a worldwide network of female, trans and non-binary electronic artists. Founded in 1998, since 2012 it has been publishing a barometer of the presence of these artists at festivals, the so-called FACTS. April 6, the day of the inauguration MOMEMhe addressed open letter Frankfurt Mayor Peter Feldmann and City Mayor for Culture Ina Hartwig. The city is really the main financier of the museum. And the words of the collective towards the museum are harsh. Female: The pressure points to two main problems: a lack of diversity in the management team and a lack of recognition by black techno artists.

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The first point seems to be purely factual. Whether they are dj the local population, whether it’s Sven Väth or others, or curator Tobias Rehberger, it’s just heterosexual whites. For the collective, the possibility of gender equality on the stage progresses especially through the presence of women and non-binary people in decision-making positions This, according to them, leads to a lack of recognition of the place of these artists in the history of electronic music.

The second point was sent directly to the mayor. In his call for the inauguration of the museum, he presents Frankfurt as the birthplace of techno. For the collective, such an affirmation diminishes the major role of African-American artists from Detroit, New York, or Chicago. ” Even if this is a purely promotional phrase, it is unacceptable to exploit the cultures of peoples whose history is marked by migration, oppression and marginalization of their achievements. “.

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However, from its first lines, the museum utters the phrase ” Black music is important “. The first celebrated musicians, at the beginning of the techno, were Fela Kuti, Frankie Knuckles or drummer Earl Young. But female: pressure sees it primarily as a hypocritical maneuver. “ We can only interpret this measure as an incredible strategy, with the intention of concealing the fact that they are the real protagonists MOMEM they are mostly white “So far, neither the museum nor the city of Frankfurt have responded. But the intention was good.

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