what are the three levers of pure referencing?

SEO, or natural referencing on the web, is based on 3 main principles, the levers that allow content to work.

In order for a website to function properly, from its point of view visibility and popularity, attention should be paid to all aspects of its construction. Therefore, it is especially important to pay attention to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But then why is it so important that your site has visitors? Just because natural referencingSEO, allows a Google robot (among other things) to display your site or your pages and articles in Google searchesas a recommendation to users.

SEO strategy is based on three large levers that enable your web productionthey have views, extracts. We will tell you more in this article. Go !

What is natural referencing?

To get started with the basics, it is important that you fully understand what is SEO, before knowing the levers. So, specifically, natural referencing, what is it? In general, SEO encompasses all techniques that allow good referencing Your websites, websites and articles on search engines.

There are several ways to be properly referenced online have visitors. It’s special here sponsoring your site web and articles, or advertising on social networks. Paid service that puts your content at the forefront of search.

But, in this article, we will focus on the so-called “natural” referencing, that is, everything internal techniques for optimizing your web content, without sponsorship. This only applies to results classified by engine relevance algorithm. Natural referencing is based on several aspects that need to be checked before publishing any content. To summarize:

  • Web market: study of search terms it is used for a specific topic and the adaptability of these editorial terms to the market.
  • Study of required goals, personas. Customize your content and words to your chosen audience.
  • The writing content : a well-referenced article with adequate wordsin line with the market, with synonyms, terms that users potentially use in Google searches in order to find your content … All this makes your texts more readable, because they will appear more natural and more in Google searches.
  • The quality of content. No sense in telling you now – I don’t wanna ruin the suprise. It is important to click. But if your content is not original, unique and semantically interesting and at the lowest level, Google is not likely to rank you correctly. And that goes for ALL your web texts, including homepage texts, etc.
  • Image optimization : alternative texts, titles, photo quality… All these aspects are important.
The levers on the principles of working with natural SEO references have more views on your site

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3 main SEO levers explained

Finally, SEO is a set of useful techniques for appearing in search engines. So there is 3 main levers to build good natural referencing.


First, let’s talk about techniques. For good SEO, it is important to take the time build your website and internet content. So here are the points to think about:

  • Thinking about design Your site so that it is pleasing to the eye and above all good quality. Indeed, search engines point to poorly built pages, even visually. So consider making a a readable, understandable product. Your audience should understand the purpose of your site, to whom it is intended by viewing the entire page. Moreover, you must have simple navigation that is not misleadingaccording to Google.
  • Think about the resolution of your images, optimizing the visual content so that your site adapts well to PC, tablet, mobile screenetc.
  • Take care of it fast loading your pages. Usually 3 seconds is a good result. Search engines don’t like slow pages, and neither do users.
  • Think of the breadth of your site, his tree structure. It will be necessary to work on the internal structure of the site that will be referenced. With titles, subtitles, etc. In short, real consistency! All your pages and articles must be structured, including your links (put enough), categories, etc. the internal network is very important for SEO and for gaining traffic.
The levers on the principles of working with natural SEO references have more views on your site

content and semantics

How important is technique, the semantics of your pages it must be impeccable to be well referenced. As explained above, your written content must be high quality and optimized.

  • Use keywords tailored to your search audience and Google. Therefore, the study of research baths is essential. Your words should always reflect the user’s request. Keep in mind that you have to perform repetitive clocks, because the keyword market is constantly changing. In other words: think ” customizing your content depending on Google and user expectations ”.
  • Your content must be of good quality. It must be unique, not published elsewhere, no copy-paste. The content should also, if possible, be as exclusive and answer user questions. Without new information or interest, Google will not rank your pages well. So think about it relevance to each publicationeven outside the articles.
  • In the same vein, limit duplication texts, URLs, images.
  • For good SEO, the pillars point respect the labels H1, H2, etc. This tag allows the search engine to read your content and identify its relevance and the audience your content addresses.

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Popularity is just as important as the other two SEO levers presented. In effect, the more popular the site, the more it is referenced. It’s a real virtuous circle. And, often, strategy netlinking and building links is key to telling the search engine that your site is popular. Indeed, if other sites quote you and refer to one of your sites, it means you are credible. The incoming connections or backlinkshypertext links pointing to the site are then necessary.

  • Take more links to your sitedistributed on pages related to same topic as your site.
  • Yes, I have a little connections referring to your site at websites that Google considers popular or influential.

To summarize, the levers of SEO:

  1. Fluid website and page design, pleasing to the eye and easy and useful to navigate
  2. Optimization of display on mobile, PC, tablet + good page load speed
  3. Good clue, good content structure and adequate internal networking
  4. Market research and keywords tailored to Google and your target users
  5. Unique and relevant written and visual content that answers readers’ questions
  6. No duplication of links, images, texts, URLs + good label (H1, H2, H3, etc.) Clear and legible
  7. Links that point to your site through sites that deal with the same topic as yours
  8. Get links to your site through high-performing, popular and influential sites

Now it’s your turn. The most important thing in SEO is to test and learn for yourself!

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