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Collective intelligence in the CSR services of the Canopé network winner of the Challenges for ecologically responsible innovations of the General Commission for Sustainable Development

The Collective Intelligence in CSR services project led by Réseau Canopé was selected as part of the call of the General Commission for Sustainable Development and the Interdepartmental Directorate for Public Transformation for calls for ecologically responsible innovations. This project, subsidized with the amount of 40,000 euros, aims mainly to support the deployment of the CSR approach in all processes of the national lifelong learning operator. Réseau Canopé offers many ESD training resources and is launching an Eco Transition training offer at the end of 2022.


The CEO of Réseau Canopé, Marie-Caroline Missir, will receive this award on September 16, 2022 at 14:00 at the National Assembly during the special session “Public services make the transition”. The €40,000 envelope allocated to Réseau Canopé for three years is in line with the “ TrainingDevelop the pedagogy and knowledge of agents in terms of sustainable development calls for calls.

– The call for calls aims to stimulate the consideration of sustainable development in the public services of the state by relying on methods that support the co-creation of public actions with agents and users. It strives to promote openness, transversality and decompartmentalization of structures, action, agility and experimentation. The Canopé Network project responded positively to three selection criteria: impact on a large audience

  • Joint construction with agents
  • Realism in relation to the schedule


The aim of the project is:

  • participate in the implementation of the CSR approach in all Canopé network processes;
  • will review all its projects and activities with regard to sustainable development by combining technical expertise and user expertise, innovation and creativity of its employees.


Given its mission to serve the lifelong education of teachers, Réseau Canopé wants to respond to the main challenges of sustainable development, either in the education it offers or in the way they affect its organization and functioning. In June 2021, Réseau Canopé launched a CSR approach in the service of goals and a performance contract, a project to establish under the supervision of the Ministry of National Education and Youth for the period 2022-2024.

The CSR ambition of Réseau Canopé is to reduce the impact on the environment, improve the living conditions of employees and users, and at the same time ensure the economic sustainability of its activity.

This commitment is designed on two levels: the first revolves around the offer of training that will enable teachers to develop their expertise and teaching practices (cf. the press release to be published on the occasion of the Sustainable Development Week). The second level mobilizes all Réseau Canopé agents by specifically supporting them in taking ownership of these matters.


The policy of Réseau Canopé in the fight against climate change is focused on the control of energy and liquid consumption, sustainable mobility regarding work trips, home – work, but also the trips of its users to trainings and work meetings. The procurement policy gradually includes the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by favoring suppliers with a policy of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Other targeted actions: waste management (recycling, reducing the amount of paper), sustainable use of resources, pollution prevention, circular economy (platform for exchange of goods, reuse, recycled materials), responsible public procurement, optimization of the building stock (occupied areas, poorly insulated spaces), reduction of carbon emissions), digital moderation.


Réseau Canopé supports structural changes and procedures related to ESD by offering training, for example on:

  • Implementation of eco-delegates (Master’s course “Involvement of eco-delegates”)
  • Project methodology and labeling support (13 trainings,
  • Digital moderation / responsible digital (31 trainings including a webinar called ” Ecological transition and digital skills “)
  • Responsible consumption in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals 3, 6, 7, 12 (energy, food, waste, mobility, water) (91 trainings; energy management education web series: It consumes energy ; a series of videos on the platform Basics of fruits and vegetables and diet)
  • Ecological citizenship (21 trainings, the summit “Education for ecological citizenship” organized in March 2022)
  • Basics of ESD (92 training sessions)
  • Teaching of socially acute problems/controversial topics (Master’s course “Solution of socially acute problems in ESD”)
  • Sustainable Development Goals (47 trainings, educational package and poster kits related to 17 Sustainable Development Goals that can be collected at Canopé workshops)
  • Biodiversity and connection with nature, in relation to SDG 14 and 15 (73 trainings, Master’s course ” School action: biodiversity “, two master’s courses on the subject of school outside ” Teaching outdoors in the 2nd and 3rd cycles », « Teaching outdoors in high school “)
  • Education on climate and climate change in relation to sustainable development 13 (25 trainings)

The specificity of Réseau Canopé’s mission is also aimed at strengthening the social impact of education in the context of ecological and digital transformation.


The mission of the operator of the Ministry of National Education and Youth Réseau Canopé is lifelong learning and professional development of teachers. He accompanies them mainly in the acquisition of digital tools and environment.

Mission: to train teachers for life

Placed at the heart of the challenges of the digital transformation of educationCanopé Network was commissioned by the Ministry of National Education and Youth ensure the education of every teacher throughout his life, that he practices at the first or second level and especially training in digital and digital.

Recognized for the quality of the processes implemented for its training events, Réseau Canopé has Qualiopi certification from Afnor Certification.

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