DIJON: The seventh edition of Color Campus on September 22

The University Sports Association of Burgundy offers to participate in the color race on Thursday, September 22, at the Dijon campus of the University of Burgundy. Online registration.

ASUB in collaboration with LBFC du Sport U, SAUPS, CROUS and GSUD is supported by the city of Dijon, the University of Burgundy, FSDIE, URGO and SMERRA to organize the 7th edition of its colorful race. mixed with several obstacles on Thursday 22 September 2022 at the university campus of the University of Burgundy in Dijon.

Students, prospective students and outsiders will be offered a 4 km loop to explore the campus through colorful animation, each at their own pace!

Registration costs €8 until September 19, then €10. This includes a URGO welcome bag, CROUS food, SMERRA sunglasses, a flocked white Campus Days t-shirt, an eco-cup, a Polaroid souvenir photo and a free concert. Payment will be made online on a secure site or on site on Wednesday 21/09 and Thursday 22/09 at Esplanade ERASME.

Registration AND payment takes place online on the ASUB website:

The opening of the stand with the collection of t-shirts and glasses will be from 10:00 on Wednesday 21/9 and Thursday 22/9 at Esplanade Erasme (see map – black rectangle).

The musical entertainment will start around 16:30 Institut Agro Sup Dijon. At 17:30 there will be a preliminary warm-up to the music of SUPS teachers.

After a collective warm-up by SUAPS at Esplanade Erasme at 17:30, the race will start at 18:00 with waves of 150 to 300 people starting every 5 minutes until 20:00. They will follow a marked path to explore the grounds, receive mini-projections of colored and edible pigments and participate in obstacles (sand crawling, nets, tunnels and an inflatable structure).

At the end of the course, all participants gather for the “final bouquet”, which consists of throwing colored powder (edible cornstarch and certified for this type of event) all at once onto the boardwalk. Food, more precisely twists with roasted summer vegetables, at the finish line of the race from 7 p.m. will offer CROUS Dijon, LBFC Sport U, ASUB and SAUPS. To continue the festive evening, the Athenaeum and Radio Campus will host a concert!

Finally, the team from France 3 will also be present to film this extraordinary event, the most important of the University of Burgundy, which colorfully marks the beginning of the academic year!

For more information, visit our website ( or at the Maison des Sports (opposite the beach volleyball courts at UFR STAPS). You can also contact us by email or on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

Summary of information

Performers: ASUB STAPS, University Sports League BFC, SAUPS, CROUS, University of Burgundy (FSDIE), URGO and University Sports Group of Dijon (ASUB, Institut AgroSup Dijon, AGROSUP, ESTP and ESIREM).

Target group: 3,000 people are expected, including students of the University of Burgundy and employees of the University of Burgundy.

Location: In the Dijon University Campus between the Esplanade Erasme and the sports fields on the STAPS side (see attached map).

Date: Thursday 22 September 2022 during Campus Days from 16:30 (start of musical entertainment) until the final launch (21:00).

– Celebrate 300 years of the University of Burgundy.
– Celebrate the start of the academic year.
– Introduce the campus to the participants.

Schedule for Thursday, September 22, 2022 for participants:
– 10:00 – 17:30: On-site registration with payment and distribution of free package.
– 17:30-17:45: Joint warm-up to music with SUPS teachers at Esplanade Erasme.
– 17:45-18:30: Departures in waves (≈300 persons/wave) every 5 minutes.
– 18:00 – 20:00: polaroid stand + food.
– Around 19:30: Final (Powder Throwing).

Means of communication:
– Website:
– E-mail: [email protected]
– Facebook: ASUB and Ligue Bourgogne Franche Comté from FFSU – Dijon.


The Color Campus 2021 race celebrates university sports

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