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After the death of this young woman, aged 22, who had just been arrested for improperly wearing the veil, the emotions do not subside. A general strike took place in his native Kurdistan on Monday, September 19. Protests broke out in Tehran.

Anger reigns in Iranian universities. The death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old young woman arrested on Tuesday, September 13, in Tehran by the moral police, caused strong emotions in the country and they are not abating. Mahsa Amini, arrested because police believed she was wearing the wrong veil, compulsory for women in all public places, died after three days in a coma.

Tehran police admitted that they detained her with other women to recruit her “instructions” about the dress code, but assured that the young woman had “Suddenly he suffered from heart problems and [avait] he was immediately taken to the hospital. “There was no physical contact” between the officers and the victim, the administration added. State television released a short video to support this version: a figure believed to be Mahsa Amini collapsed after a discussion with an agent.

“In perfect health”

The victim’s father, Amjad Amini, denied the evidence, saying the video had been edited. “I believe Mahsa was taken to the hospital too late,” added the fallen man. He also denied information from the Minister of the Interior about his daughter’s alleged medical history. She was a young woman until her arrest “in perfect health”.

London Media, Iran International, footage aired on Monday presented as a CT scan of Mahsa Amini’s skull showing a “bone fracture, bleeding and brain edema”, supports the idea of ​​violent death caused by ill-treatment. In the last known images of the young woman, we see her bedridden, intubated, apparently unconscious, contrasting with the smiling and carefully made-up face she usually wore. In a recent video that went viral on Monday, she appeared in a long red dress with a traditional cloth belt around her waist and performed a few steps of a Kurdish dance.

Mahsa Amini came from this region of western Iran, which was viewed with suspicion by the central power of this Jacobin republic. Protests were reported there on Saturday, in her hometown of Saqqez, where she was buried, and again on Monday. In Divandarreh, a town of about 35,000 people, there is automatic weapons fire were heardin the same way than in Sanandai, regional town. In Marivan, where 135,000 people live, the general strike extinguished economic activity in the cityas in Saqqez where protesters also took to the streets and some shouted “death to the dictator”. The police responded by using tear gas.

“Grave of Fascists”

In the capital of Iran, the students reacted, as often, the fastest. “Fuck the Mullahs”, chanted a small crowd on Monday Beheshti University campuswhen at Amir Kabir University, which educates the best engineers in the country, several dozen young people he verbally attacked at the fools who tried to disperse them. “Fuck you bassist.” [une milice du régime]», they shouted. At another university in Tehran, protesters chanted slogans against it “enslavement, unemployment and the compulsory wearing of the hijab for women.” “Kurdistan will be the tomb of fascists” launched by the brave of Tarbiat Modares University. Students too gathered in Isfahanthe second largest city in the country.

In the capital, parades rolled through universities. Women took advantage of these processions to expose themselves in the middle of the street to show solidarity with Mahsa Amini and express their opposition to this duty, which has become increasingly contested in recent years. Iranian women also filmed cutting her hair fury. The death of the 22-year-old comes at a very special moment in the history of the Islamic Republic. The hardest wing of the conservatives took over the entire system, the election of President Ebrahim Raisi completed this victory last year.

The regime knows that sooner or later it will face a new test: the succession of supreme leader Ali Khamenei, an octogenarian with failing health. In this context, the authorities seem even less inclined to compromise and respond with violence to the desire for greater freedom of a population exhausted by deprivation of all kinds.

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