Andrews University is getting a scholarship to help with career exploration

September 18, 2022 | Michigan, United States | Isabella Koh | Source: Andrews University and Adventist Review

Andrews University is among a select group of institutions to receive the Network for the Undergraduate Education Profession [Réseau pour la vocation dans l’enseignement supérieur] (NetVUE) “Academy Grant Vocation” [La vocation à travers la bourse universitaire] in 2022.

This grant is intended to help member schools and universities strengthen the connection between the liberal arts and career preparation. To do this, faculty and students must participate in a wide variety of academic and support programs that enhance the institution’s professional inquiry.
“As a recipient of the award, Andrews University will receive a grant of $18,550 to be used over a three-year period (July 2022-June 2025),” said Emilee O’Dell, Project Coordinator for NetVUE Vocation Grants. through the Academy. “Additionally, upon receipt of documentation of $18,550 in matching funds raised from third-party sources to support this project, CIC will allocate an additional $18,550. »

This opportunity is the result of a partnership with the Council of Independent Universities [Conseil des universités indépendantes] (CIC). Through this collaboration and funding, Andrews University will deepen the intersection between the campus Center for Religious Engagement, the Office of Higher Education and the Career Center by creating a program called “Going on Vocation » [Se lancer dans la vocation] (GOV). GOV will work to develop an institutional definition of the profession in collaboration with faculty and staff. The program identifies and shares best practices in vocational discernment with all schools and departments across the university to foster an institutional culture that reflects this understanding of vocation and vocation.

GOV also aims to establish inquiry teaching practices that will be introduced into the curriculum beginning with the redesign of a 100-level undergraduate general education course called “God and Human Life,” taught by Rodney Palmer, chair of the Department of Religion and Biblical Languages. This refined course will enable students to understand the concept of vocation and vocation from a Christian and theological perspective.

The course will also assist students in their process of self-discovery through an in-depth analysis of how their personal history, spiritual gifts, talents, and strengths correlate with their lives, learning, intended professions, and careers. These goals will be assessed through the completion of a Spiritual Gifts Inventory, a Strong Interests Inventory, and a learning activity.

The program will also enable students to focus on professional distinction and career preparation through the National Association of Colleges and Employers skills. [Association nationale des universités et des employeurs] (NACE). Joydel Trail Career Services Counselor leads a process that guides students through tools and support services to help them discern God’s calling on their lives.

In addition to career exploration, the Career Center will support students through networking, mentoring, internships, externships, scholarships and community engagement across all academic disciplines. Faculty, staff, and alumni will have the opportunity to serve as on-campus supervisors and micro-internship supervisors or be the primary source of mentorship for participating students. Leaders and students will be formally oriented to the program and its expectations at the beginning of each cohort year. Students and graduates will thus be better equipped in terms of career preparation.

Andrews University has a long history of promoting the biblical philosophy that all work should be done for God. GOV will teach students that all abilities are gifts from God and should be used in His service. The Center for Faith Engagement team, led by University Chaplain José Bourget, will coordinate chapel and worship services, leadership development, coaching, service projects, student missions, and hands-on opportunities for students to explore God’s calling in their lives.

NetVUE serves more than 680 independent colleges and universities, including liberal arts institutions, comprehensive institutions, four-year institutions, two-year institutions and international institutions. Dean Christon Arthur is leading a team to establish GOV on campus starting this summer.

“My colleagues and I welcome the opportunity to expand our student-centered initiatives that advance the university’s mission, and we are grateful to work with CIC again,” Arthur said. “The NetVUE grant will enable our university to continue student-centered experiential learning, particularly through the Career Center. »

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