AU researcher appointed to IUF

The Institut universitaire de France (IUF) annually honors professor-researchers for the excellence of their research. Professor of Mathematics in the Faculty of Science, Nicolas Raymond, is delighted with this appointment as an IUF Junior Fellow and details the implications of his research project.

The mission of the IUF is to support the development of high-level research at universities. In order to be appointed, it is necessary to fulfill several conditions: at the time of submitting the application, to have held the title of teacher-e-researcher for two years, to obtain two recommendations from scientific personalities and to fill out a file presenting their research activity. and the project on which the∙member will work for the next five years. ” It is a pleasure to be nominatedentrusts Nicolas Raymond with humility. It is a form of recognition of my scientific activity, which also points to research topics on which many colleagues or collaborators are working in France and abroad. These ideas and themes, often developed over decades, deserve this attention. »

After the publication of the results in May in the official gazette of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (Mesri), the ∙laureate∙ is officially appointed∙ in October and can then benefit from several benefits. ” The most important one concerns the reduction of teaching time in favor of research, emphasizes the professor, who is also a member of the Angevin Laboratory for Mathematics Research (Larema). Specifically, I am relieved by two-thirds, which means that I will teach 64 hours instead of 192 during the year. That way I have more time for foreign congresses and exchanges with colleagues. This period will allow me to deepen my own themes and open myself to other ideas by establishing new collaborations. I also have an envelope of research credits of 15,000 euros per year. »

This will be used in part to finance Les Lectures de Sophie Kowalevski, a master class organized in June, which aims to support female students in their desire to do research. This event is co-organized and funded thanks to the merits of researcher Susanna Zimmermann, who was also appointed to the IUF this year.

Fifteen people are involved

As a junior member of the IUF, Nicolas Raymond will continue his work carried out for several years in connection with the Schrödinger equation, which models the evolution of a non-relativistic massive particle in time, and the Dirac equation, which describes the behavior of certain elementary particles. ” The research project aims to deepen and supplement the spectral theory of Schrödinger and Dirac operators with a magnetic fieldhe says. These operators appear in many areas of quantum physics (superconductivity, graphene, waveguides) and present interesting mathematical problems in their own right. One of these problems, which is the core of the IUF project, is the magnetic tunneling effect, ie the effect of symmetries on the eigenvalues ​​and functions of these operators.. This project it concerns about fifteen people, more than a third of them abroad, and three doctoral students whom I teach together. »

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