Back to university: one-stop shops for information on administrative procedures

Whether you have questions about university registration, transport, CAF or Crous, many universities have established single points of contact to bring this information together on your campus.

Starting university for the first time can be intimidating, especially as you will have to go through some administrative procedures before starting classes. In most universities, a one-stop shop bringing together players from higher education and the region to guide you and answer your questions.

You will find all information regarding your administrative procedures at the beginning of school: transport, accommodation, scholarship, health insurance, student life, etc.

Simplify your administrative procedures

At the University of Reims (51), the “back-to-school central office”, which has been open since August 25, allows you to meet several key players at the start of the new academic year : University of Reims, Crous de Reims, student mutual MGEL, Crédit Agricole du Nord Est, Action Logement group with rental guarantee VISALE, CPAM. A time saver that will ease the installation and integration of newbies…

At the University of Bordeaux (33), these receptions are located on different campuses within the student offices. You will be able to ask any question about your student life or ask for help with your daily procedures (housing, employment, financial aid). Services such as CAF or public transport are also organized by hotlines.

Toulouse University (31) also accepts its students throughout the year at the Welcome desk. It brings together representatives of the Prefecture of Haute-Garonne, the Rectorate of the Academy of Toulouse with the CIO of sup, the Haute-Garonne Family Allowance Fund, the Crous of Toulouse-Occitanie and the Departmental Council for Access to Law.

A pleasant place for foreign students

Single points of contact are also available reception centers for foreign students, such as at the University of Caen. “Before there were individual offices where students came when they had a problem. Now we have a big friendly space where we welcome them. We want to show them that we can support them in a less austere way and encourage them to come and meet other students there.” explains Cédric Guern, communications officer at Carré international at the University of Caen.

In this space, she also organizes a forum – open to French and foreign students – at which actors from the region, CAF, CPAM will meet… “At the beginning of the school year, we have many questions about residence permits. Accommodation can also be a problem when there are no more places in Crous. We advise students on their research and have a partnership with Studapart,” explains Cédric Guern. We also help students connect to social security, connect to the campus intranet or create their Izly account, which allows access to the university restaurant.

If your university does not have a reception, you can contact the offices of student life or the tuition and pedagogic secretariats on which they depend.

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Help with administrative registration of the university

These counters can also answer your questions regarding administrative and educational registration. These two steps are really a prerequisite to start your year.

You pay registration fees for administrative registration. Then you will get a school certificate, a student card which allow you to access the university and use its services (library, Crous, activities, etc.) and your digital ID to connect to ORL (digital work environment).

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Pedagogical registration for access to TD

In addition to administrative registration, you will also need to complete education registration at your university. It is necessary to register for TD (directed work) and take exams.

You will need to complete these registrations online or in the school office in early September. The dates and place of registration depend on each university. Ask for a single point of contact so you don’t miss a deadline!

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