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candidates will present their program

The beginning of the school year is an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the program of candidates for the post of mayor in the field of education in the sector included in the priority education network (REP).

The beginning of the school year has just rung for Roye students. It was a great opportunity to balance with the candidates for the next municipal elections their projects in the village in the field of education.

Jean Luc Villet

Roye’s revival group, The Renewal, headliner Jean-Luc Villet has announced his schedule online. “ The equipment of schools, their proper functioning, safety and the guarantee of a good study environment are the responsibility of the municipality. “, he explains. His first measure: maintaining free school supplies from elementary to college and cafeteria prices. He wants to watch too”possibility of cooking on site from local products.”

He adds: “We will make our schools even more pleasant, greener, greener and safer places to live and study. Municipal representatives working in schools will be better recognized and their mission will be appreciated.”

In the daycare and after-school section, the candidate announces that if he is elected, “After consultation with parents, the time slots for after-school care and daycare will be revised. For some families, welcoming children earlier or keeping them at school a little later can make a big difference in daily life, especially for those who work shifts..”

Delphine Delannoy

Delphine Delannoy, a former finance aide and leader of the list of resigning elected officials, also has some thoughts on the subject.
She identified several topics to bring to the table: equal opportunities, the fight against bullying in schools, talking to children (through the establishment of a children’s council in each school) and the education of all children with special educational needs, regardless of their difficulties or handicaps.

Its central axis: homework help plan, ”which will aim to support parents by allowing their children to do homework and study before returning home. This optional activity offered to CM1 and CM2 students is designed to complement school support and also differs from after-school care, which is a time for relaxation and free time, under the supervision of activity leaders. The measure would first be implemented in a pilot school, before its development.

Finally, the candidate wants to improve digital equipment in schools and also invest in work that improves air quality.

Pascal Delnef

Finally, outgoing mayor Pascal Delnef identifies several lines of work. “The big project is work on the insulation of part of the buildings, improving the air quality and combating the heat in the summer.“. If he wins this election, the former teacher wants to continue the policy of free distribution of school supplies to the children of Roya and students outside. “I want canteen prices to remain at the same level in the coming years..”

On the staff side, it announces: “One of the goals is that people working in kindergartens can obtain an Atsem diploma in the next few years. We help them prepare for the competition. Unlike many other municipalities, we have one person per class in kindergartens, it is a political will and I want to keep this measure.” The mayor adds:We have always invested in staffing schools, especially during the Covid pandemic. It was necessary to recruit staff for cleaning, support in the canteen and disinfection of the premises. And we will continue to do so when necessary…“.

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