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Canopé Network training and resources to help new teachers

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Can you introduce Réseau Canopé to us?

Réseau Canopé is the operator of the Ministry of National Education, whose mission has developed considerably in recent decades. Historically, it was about publishing educational resources for teachers. Our business has naturally been heavily influenced by the mass advent of transmedia and the digital revolution.

15 days before my imprisonment, I was appointed CEO in March 2020 to lead the major transformation of Réseau Canopé into an operator of continuing education for teachers and especially their training in and through digital technologies. Current events have allowed us to implement these new missions very quickly with the launch of Canotech, 1time a free online resource platform that has been a real hit with teachers.

Another feature is networking, as our name suggests. Réseau Canopé consists of the headquarters and offices in all departments: Ateliers Canopé. They are local places for teachers to come for training, but they also have access to a number of educational resources, advice and support to carry out their projects or develop their professional skills.

The Réseau Canopé site this autumn has an offer specially designed for beginning teachers What is its aim?

We wanted to be fully committed to our mission of supporting and educating teachers throughout their lives. We proposed to the Ministry and DGESCO to support the academic units that host these new teachers by offering training, resources and online support: Web space dedicated to new teachers – Canopé Network (

We designed this offer to respond very quickly to a rather specific problem this autumn, namely the tension in teacher recruitment and the significant arrival of new teachers and contract staff in some academies.

Therefore, we thought it would be interesting to propose, to support the training they receive in the academies, a practical offer with advice to get started and short one- or two-hour webinars with colleagues, where they can ask the moderator all their questions. on a specific topic. For example, an online training webinar to organize a meeting at school.

We also have a section on classroom management, questions about classroom climate, benevolence, authority… And in the third part of our offer, we are interested in what we call academic heterogeneity in the jargon of national education. The goal is to be able to respond to the diversity of students, if you have a student with a medical disability in your class, if you have students in difficulties, etc. The issue of inclusion is a priority in education.

This offering is available online nationally and subject to teacher availability; it is completed in our workshops in the territory by face-to-face training.

Can you give some examples of resources that can be found there?

For example, we have the section “7 tips for a good start to the school year”. In future online trainings, we will also have a “Teacher’s Union”, a training offer for quickly mastering the classroom, joining the team of a new device or getting to know its workspace. You can also find criteria for succeeding in your first classes in college and high school.

More than 9,000 teachers have already visited this learning space; There are 17 open webinars with great interest in the following order:

  1. organizing return meetings with parents for successful joint education
  2. creating a framework for a good start to teaching
  3. the first steps in the 1st cycle
  4. first steps in the profession

Will there be a return offer for all teachers?

To support the success of all and fight against school failures remains a ministerial priority for this school year 2022 and a main topic for Réseau Canopé. You can also find webinars, class reports, references, podcasts on this topic on our various platforms: CanoTech, online training site, M@gistère, self-study platform, Extra Class, podcast site and on the web.

The book series is also designed to help you live well in school: classroom management, educational relationships, needs of dropouts, imparting secular values, etc. The Canopé series of books entitled “Life well at school” brings together innovative practical experiences and the latest theoretical considerations and responds to the current concerns of the educational community.

Finally, I would like to insist on emphasizing the values ​​of the Republic, because the transmission of republican values ​​is one of the foundations of education. With Dgesco, we have designed a dedicated space where we offer keys to understanding the issues, tools and training suggestions to share and bring republican principles to life in the classroom. We are very specifically supporting teachers with a specific offer of webinars and dedicated resources that will continue over time until Secularism Day, which commemorates the assassination of Samuel Paty.

Next November, December and January we will propose the evolution of our training offer to the challenges of the ecological transition.

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