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Da Nang develops tourism products serving the Indian and Middle Eastern markets | Tourism

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Da Nang (VNA) – The Da Nang Municipal Department of Tourism held an exchange program on September 17 in an effort to prepare for the tourism markets in India and the Middle East.

The director of the city’s tourism department, Truong Thi Hong Hanh, said that the Middle East, especially the nine key countries of the project “Development of relations between Vietnam and the countries of the Middle East – Africa for the period of 2016-2025”, was one of the city’s strategic markets for tourism cooperation and development traffic.

Before the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic in 2018, Qatar Airways opened a direct route from Doha (Qatar) to Da Nang, helping to attract a large number of Middle Eastern tourists to the city. coast and opened up connection options to 150 destinations in the Qatar Airways network, she said.

In an effort to attract more tourists from India and the Middle East to Da Nang in the coming times, the city’s tourism department coordinated local tourism with the City Tourism Association and the Tourism Promotion Fund to create attractive tourism product packages.

“In the near future, we will continue to develop specific products targeting these markets, especially high-end tourism products and services such as wedding and resort products to cater to the needs and tastes of Indian and Middle Eastern tourists,” he said. Ms. Hanh.

From October 2022, the opening of new routes connecting Mumbai and New Delhi, India’s two largest and most important cities, to Da Nang by the low-cost carrier Vietjet Air will be a favorable condition for the exchange and connection of air passengers between locations.

In addition, the city plans to organize business trips to Qatar and the United Arab Emirates to boost its tourism and promote the re-opening of the line from Doha – Da Nang.

In addition, the city will continue to liaise with the embassy and consulate to support tourism promotion programs between the two sides, she said.

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Director of the city’s tourism department, Truong Thi Hong Hanh, expressed hope that Da Nang will soon strengthen connections and make better use of tourist markets fromIndia and the Middle East to continue to diversify their international tourism markets and thereby contribute to the recovery and development of sustainable tourism.

With its beautiful beaches and luxury resorts, it is an ideal destination for both Vietnamese and foreign travelers, including the most demanding ones.

The city really has not only beautiful beaches, a fascinating landscape, but also historical and cultural monuments. Dà Nang also offers tourists easy access to My Son Sanctuary and the ancient city of Hôi An, both of which have been designated as World Heritage Sites by the United Nations Cultural, Scientific and Educational Organization (UNESCO). Its inhabitants are also known for their hospitality and warm character.

Recently the US magazine Travel & Leisure described Dà Nang as a mecca of gastronomy and well suited for group travel. Travel & Leisure correspondent Lindsay Cohn describes central Vietnam’s largest city as “a food giant with a wide range of delicacies to satisfy all palates”.

“Restaurants at the night markets are full of fresh seafood, and the space outside the cafes is filled with the enticing aroma of fish noodles,” added Lindsay.

In addition to culinary specialties, Dà Nang also has beautiful sandy beaches, according to Lindsay. He recommends visitors go to Ngu Hành Son and Bà Nà. Regarding accommodation, the author felt that the InterContinental Dà Nang Sun Peninsula Resort is a luxury resort suitable for group travel.

Lindsay chooses destinations according to different criteria: attractive nightlife, lots of great restaurants with enough space for groups, various tourist activities or long beaches suitable for sunbathing. -IN ON

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