DRC: The Vodacom Foundation launches the 4th edition of its “Bourse Vodacom Exetat” program.

The 4th edition of the Vodacom Exetat Scholarship 2022 was officially launched this Thursday 15 September at the Sultani Hotel in Kinshasa. This is a financial support from Vodacom Congo through its foundation for the benefit of brilliant students who have passed the national exam to prepare them for an even brighter future.

With this action, Vodacom Congo, through its foundation, engages with the logic of the United Nations, which assigns an important place in their Millennium Goals to the education and supervision of youth. The telecommunications company Vodacom Congo, which has decided to support the youth, is actively involved in the realization of this goal through the channel of its foundation, which has made this sector its war horse.

As usual, for this edition, 25 winners from across the country will be selected after the test. And support will be available for all disciplines up to $1000 per year. Since the launch of the program, the foundation has already supported 75 laureates from several provinces of the DRC.

“We have just published the results of the state examination and therefore the rest of what we are opening the Exetat Scholarship platform for candidates who scored 65% (*42211#) to actually apply. In any case, we are waiting for students or finalists from all over DRC to actually succeed in applying and availing this scholarship. This scholarship, what is the benefit? Each year the recipient has around $1,000 to pay for academic fees and related costs, that’s all we ask for, so Vodacom provides it for the student or recipient,” Roliane Yulu, Interim Manager Vodacom Congo Foundation, explained to the press.

Returning to certain eligibility criteria, Roliane Yulu assured the seriousness that exists within this Vodacom Congo program. Those who are still hesitating under the pretext that Vodacom Congo already has candidates have been invited to try their luck.

“Compared to the criteria, you must have Congolese nationality, score 65% or above, age group from 18,17. They will pass the test, everyone who applies will pass the test and we will select the best ones. The Exetat scholarship is for finalists only. All the people you saw today (from the 1st to the 3rd edition), I don’t know anyone, I don’t know their names, by the way, among the criteria, it should not have a relationship with a Vodacom employee, we are very strict about that. We have a team that sees that we are really successful in enforcing the regulations and we also work with the bailiff to ensure that the regulations are followed as they should be,” reassured Roliane Yulu.

According to Albert Mboyo Ekofo, Vodacom’s Director of Marketing, the Vodacom Congo Foundation intends to cover the academic fees of the finalists for five years without fail.

“The scholarship continues, this year’s recipients who scored at least 65% continue to register on our Vodacom Éduc platform. There is a tab on the Exetat scholarship registration that they leave their names and then after selection we call them to go through the competition and those who succeed in the competition use their scholarships. No matter where you are in the country, it is open to all Congolese. We normally award a scholarship every year for 5 years, when you win the scholarship you get it for the university cycle, which is normally 5 years and it’s like that every year,” said Vodacom’s Head of Marketing.

To celebrate the thief, the Vodacom Congo Foundation shared a meal with the scholarship recipients from the three previous editions. The aim was to increase their awareness of the fact that they are taking their studies seriously.

“Today’s meeting was aimed at raising awareness among our youth, especially those who received the Vodacom scholarship to continue their studies at university. They must realize that this is a chance that has been offered to them, and that they are learning properly so that tomorrow they will no longer be workers in their own country. Today, you already know the difficulties parents have in financing their children’s studies, and those who had this chance must not enjoy it. You know the scholarship principle: if you fail to get promoted, you lose your scholarship. We don’t want our young people to lose this opportunity to continue their studies and complete and integrate Vodacom Congo already as a priority because Vodacom already has an elite program that allows the best academics to start their work already for Vodacom without necessarily having any professional experience.” said Albert Mboyo Ekofo.


Grandpa Bambi, one of the scholarship recipients, a 1st license student at UNIKIN, said: “With an attitude of gratitude, I thank the Vodacom Foundation for this financial support that allowed me to finance my university studies.” Without this opportunity, I would not have been able to go to university after the nationals. At the end of my license, I dedicate my diploma to Vodacom Congo. Once again, I thank Vodacom a thousand times for this gesture, which will remain forever etched in my heart.”

Vodacom Congo has been investing in the education, empowerment and digital transformation of young people for two decades. Vodacom Congo through its foundation has made several interventions in the education sector. For example, in 2006, it accepted the best young graduates and gave them the opportunity to continue their studies at university. Thanks to the Elite Program in 2011, she won the best finalists. A few years later, she set up a digital classroom with refugee children from Equateur province and enabled them to study.

The free VodaEduc digital education program was launched in 2017. The Vodacom scholarship is now in its fourth edition. According to several observers, this program makes the task easier for some parents who have difficulty sending their children to university.

The Exetat scholarship program is open to any student who received a state diploma in the 2021-2022 school year and who meets the following conditions:

1. have Congolese nationality;

2. be at most 20 years old;

3. obtained a state diploma in the 2021-2022 school year;

4. be a Vodacom subscriber and have a correctly identified number (minors cannot have a number registered in their name);

5. Check your results using the interactive offer dedicated to Vodacom

EXETATE *42202# ;

6. They entered their information (date of birth and 14 digits of the student) using the USSD *42211# dedicated to the Vodacom Exetat Stock Exchange;

7. Meet the selection criteria in point 4.

Clement MUAMBA

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