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Electricity: these devices that consume the most in your home

Refrigerator, washing machine, heating, air conditioning… Identifying which items consume the most energy can lead to significant savings.

While energy prices are skyrocketing and everyone is being urged to stay sober in anticipation of a harsh winter, all eyes are on everyday items. Internet box, air conditioning, television, oven, hot water tank… So many devices that live in French households, but which also represent considerable expenses.

In July, the Agency for Ecological Transition (Ademe) looked back at the electricity consumption of these various devices to see which ones were the biggest bill-extenders. What to see, which items are the most greedy and which should be paid the most attention to reduce electricity bills.


Price increases, contract changes… Torment of customers of alternative gas and electricity suppliers

The institution relied mainly on the results of its Panel ElecDom survey, which examines electricity consumption in the residential sector. The price is obtained based on the regulated EDF tariff in July 2022.

Unsurprisingly, heating remains the main electricity expense for a home, whether it’s a house or apartment, as well as a hot water tank. Their consumption, as well as their annual costs, are far above other devices.

Air conditioning is not to be thrown away: although its consumption may vary depending on the model, it is still much more energy-intensive than its alternatives: ”

A class A mobile air conditioner with a power of 2.5 kW is more than 130 euros for 1 month of use and can consume up to 2.5 times more than a fixed air conditioner and almost 30 times more than a fan.

“, emphasizes Ademe.

Possible savings on a daily basis

The kitchen also has many items that need to be taken care of or even replaced in favor of newer and more efficient appliances, be it a refrigerator, dishwasher or freezer. Careful also with the dryer, which is particularly voracious, as well as… the TV, which even when turned off, eats just the same. It is better to disconnect it or disable the extension cable through which it works.


“I told him that daily bathing would no longer be possible”: the importance of small gestures to save energy

Another lesson: investing in new, more efficient equipment can, according to Ademe’s calculations, save significant sums annually on the equipment with the highest consumption.

Other small gestures can add up to significant savings in the long run. Based on the list of devices that consume the most electricity among the French, Ademe suggests, for example, temperature adjustment with a programmable thermostat that allows “

you save up to 15% on heating


Another way: Turning off devices instead of leaving them in standby mode allows you to achieve “

up to 10% saving in electricity

“, advice that mainly concerns chargers, computers and televisions.

RTE consultancy

This week the manager of the electricity network, RTE, suggested for itself several ”


to households for this winter. Among them, individuals are encouraged to turn down the heating, limit lighting – for example, by generally using low-energy light bulbs or turning off unused lights – or even moderate the use of cooking appliances.

These small daily changes can lead to big savings, says the company: with best practices energy consumption ”

only for cooking

» can thus be reduced by 25%.

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