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A student scholarship is provided to students who meet the conditions for obtaining it, and thus helps them in their university studies.

The Social Criteria Undergraduate Scholarship (BCS) is awarded to students who have financial difficulties in pursuing higher education. In order for students to benefit from a grant for higher education based on social criteria, they must meet the conditions for obtaining as a certain ceiling of the total gross income of the student’s parents. Fee points, calculated on the basis of the number of dependent children and the distance between the place of study and residence, apply for calculate resource limit.

How to fill out your student social file?

If you want to apply for a student grant, you had to fill in the student social file by May 15. This process must be done during the first application, but also in case of renewal. This can be done online at Two documents will be required: parents’ tax statement and INE student number. After submitting the application, the applicant for the scholarship will receive a file number that will allow him to follow the progress of the procedure.

A response from Crous usually comes within 30 days. A notice of grant agreement sent prior to confirmation of your enrollment at the facility does not constitute a promise of payment. The latter is subject to effective registration in the establishment. Notification must be submitted to the school’s education department upon enrolment, especially for permission to be exempted from payment of registration fees and the Student and Campus Living Allowance (CVEC). From June to October, your future college will confirm your registration in Crous.

What scholarship income? Student grant conditions

As already mentioned, the student grant is allocated based on the total gross income of the student’s parents. In addition, accounting points are applied to the calculation of the resource ceiling (calculated on the basis of the number of dependent children and the distance between the place of study and residence): 2 points for a dependent child, 4 points for student children and 1 or 2 points depending on the distance between the place of study and family house. If the file does not have a charging point, you must not earn more than 33,100 euros to be able to take advantage of the first level of the scholarship, set at 1,042 euros. However, this limit can be shifted to 95,610 euros of total gross income if the household has 17 charging points.

To receive the largest amount of the scholarship, the income must not exceed 250 euros without charging points and 4,500 euros with 17 charging points.

For the application related to the academic year 2022-2023, the income for the year 2020 (tax assessment 2021) is taken into account.

What are the student grant income limits?

Scope of resources for the student grant (academic year 2022-2023)
Charging points Echelon 0 bis Echelon 1 Echelon 2 Echelon 3 Echelon 4 Echelon 5 Echelon 6 Echelon 7
0 33,100 euros 22,500 euros 18,190 euros 16,070 euros 13,990 euros 11,950 euros 7,540 euros €250
1 36,760 euros €25,000 20,210 euros 17,850 euros 15,540 euros 13,280 euros 8,370 euros 500 €
2 40,450 euros 27,500 euros 22,230 euros 19,640 euros 17,100 euros 14,600 euros 9,220 euros €750
3 44,120 euros 30,000 euros 24,250 euros 21,430 euros 18,640 euros 15,920 euros 10,050 euros €1,000
4 47,800 euros 32,500 euros 26,270 euros 23,210 euros 20,200 euros 17,250 euros 10,880 euros 1,250 euros
5 51,480 euros 35,010 euros 28,300 euros €25,000 21,760 euros 18,580 euros 11,730 euros €1,500
6 55,150 euros 37,510 euros 30,320 euros 26,770 euros 23,310 euros 19,910 euros 12,570 euros 1,750 euros
7 58,830 euros 40,010 euros 32,340 euros 28,560 euros 24,860 euros 21,240 euros 13,410 euros €2,000
8 62,510 euros 42,510 euros 34,360 euros 30,350 euros 26,420 euros 22,560 euros 14,240 euros 2,250 euros
9 66,180 euros 45,000 euros 36,380 euros 32,130 euros 27,970 euros 23,890 euros 15,080 euros €2,500
10 69,860 euros 47,510 euros 38,400 euros 33,920 euros 29,520 euros 25,220 euros 15,910 euros €2,750
11 73,540 euros 50,010 euros 40,410 euros 35,710 euros 31,090 euros 26,540 euros 16,750 euros €3,000
12 77,210 euros 52,500 euros 42,430 euros 37,490 euros 32,630 euros 27,870 euros 17,590 euros 3,250 euros
13 80,890 euros 55,000 euros 44,450 euros 39,280 euros 34,180 euros 29,200 euros 18,420 euros €3,500
14 84,560 euros 57,520 euros 46,480 euros 41,050 euros 35,750 euros 30,530 euros 19,270 euros 3,750 euros
15 88,250 euros 60,010 euros 48,500 euros 42,840 euros 37,300 euros 31,860 euros 20,110 euros €4,000
16 91,920 euros 62,510 euros 50,520 euros 44,630 euros 38,840 euros 33,190 euros 20,940 euros 4,250 euros
17 95,610 euros 65,010 euros 52,540 euros 46,410 euros 40,400 euros 34,510 euros 21,780 euros 4,500 euros

Can we do a student scholarship simulation?

Use the official tools to simulate a student scholarship. During the simulation, it is necessary to fill in several data: the income shown on the student’s family tax assessment, the number of brothers and sisters of the scholarship applicant, the number of brothers and sisters after university education. the distance between the family home and the establishment.

What is the amount of the student grant?

The amount of the student grant varies according to the amount, which itself depends on the number of charging points, allocated according to the composition of the household and the distance between the place of study and residence (parent’s residence for children connected to the tax household). Here are the approximate amounts for the academic year 2022-2023:

Scholarship type Annual amount for 10 months Amount for students who benefit from maintaining the grant during the long holidays
Echelon 0 bis 1,084 euros €1,301
Echelon 1 1,793 euros 2,152 euros
Echelon 2 2,701 euros 3,241 euros
Echelon 3 3,458 euros 4,150 euros
Echelon 4 4,217 euros 5,060 euros
Echelon 5 4,842 euros 5,810 euros
Echelon 6 5,136 euros 6,163 euros
Echelon 7 5,965 euros 7,158 euros

What day is the scholarship paid? Date of payment

From the beginning of the 2018 academic year, the student grant is paid before the 5th of each month. From this date, it takes 5 to 10 days, depending on bank processing time, for the payment to be effective. This aid is paid in 10 monthly installments. However, under certain conditions it is possible to get 12 transfers to cover the summer holidays as well. It should be noted that the scholarship can only be received for 7 years and its payment depends on the student’s progress in studies, participation in exams and regular participation in courses.

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