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In Pont-Audemer, this guitarist opens a music shop

On September 19, Jérôme Bardeau will open his music store in Pont-Audemer. ©SF

The bet is bold. In recent years, many music stores located in medium-sized cities have closed their doors. but Jerome Bardeau he is ambitious and wants to believe in his well-crafted project. Guitar teacher in the region Pont-Audemer (Eure), Bernay or Brionnethe forties decided to realize their dream: to become a manager of a music store.

Guitars, keyboards, djembe…

The opening is scheduled for Monday, September 19, 2022 at 4 bis, Quai de la Tour Grise in Pont-Audemer, in the premises of the former DILUM lighting store. “I decided to start because I see that there is a lot of demand, especially from my students,” assures this guitarist who lives in Perrey. He adds confidently that “there are many musicians” in the Pont-Audemer region.

In its future warehouse, 30 m2music lovers will find a whole range of instruments here: acoustic guitars, electric guitars, basses, keyboards, djembe, flutes… “But also accessories such as metronomes, tuners, microphones, wah-wah pedals, amplifiers…”, briefly mention Jérôme Bardeau, a rock lover, will also be selling sheet music, learning methods and even t-shirts with musical references.

To develop his activity, Jérôme Bardeau intends to approach the music schools of Pont-Audemer and Bourg-Achard, allowing students to get their instrument in his shop and thus avoid buying them online:

In the store, unlike on the Internet, customers can try the device.

Jerome Bardeau

Guitar, piano… Before we buy it, we often want to feel it, listen to its sounds and, above all, try it out.

From Nestlé Purina to music

Jérôme Bardeau discovered music at the age of 8. “When I was 16, I worked for a few months in a music store in Bernay, which no longer exists. After a year of study at the National Center for Music Creation in Nancy, the musician ultimately did not choose music as a professional career. He is employed as a production agent in the company Nestlé Purina, in Saint-Philbert-sur-Risle. He will stay there for eighteen years.

Jerome Bardeau
Jérôme Bardeau is also a home guitar teacher. ©SF

At the same time, Jérôme plays in a metal band in his spare time, specifically in an atmospheric black metal style. In 2019, he decided to retrain and turn his passion into a profession. He works as a guitar teacher at home.

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In his classes, students don’t learn music theory, “but only tablature techniques. Students are looking for simplicity and want to learn the songs they like. I also teach them to compose,” he says. Despite the imminent opening of his business, Jérôme Bardeau is not giving up teaching guitar. He will continue to give lessons, mainly between 12:00 and 14:00, within the shop itself.

Opening of Jérôme Bardeau’s music store on Monday, September 19 at 4 bis, Quai de la Tour Grise, in Pont-Audemer. Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 19:00. Please note that during the opening week, the store will also be open on Tuesdays. Contact: 06 59 08 45 06 or on his facebook group latechniquedes6cordes

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