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It’s my budget. School support at a low price

School starts again soon. How to support your child and teenager from the beginning of the year with tutoring? They represent a certain budget, but there are solutions to avoid bankruptcy.

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You can find free tutoring at school through supervised studies set up by institutions. When re-entering, it is recommended to ask the mistress or the direction of the establishment. Otherwise, some municipalities set up tutoring for free or at a lower price – depending on the quotient of the family. You can also go through associations, courses are given by volunteers, often retired people.

Another solution that is increasingly being developed: regrouping parents. Several families can take a student or a teacher to teach 2 or 3 children at the same time. This tutoring brings one or the other, or alternates homes. It is better if the children are at the same level. Of course, this option makes it possible to split the costs, but it is necessary to get along well and agree in advance on the expectations of each of them.

Finally, there are sites that offer distance learning teachers. They often mix videos, textbooks, interactive exercises and, if necessary, make teachers available. Several offers start at less than 10 euros per month for a subscription, so it’s better to avoid dropping out along the way. This type of online education is special, it is not suitable for all children or teenagers. You need to talk to him before committing.

Some sites will also put you in touch with qualified teachers or students through the web. But it is more expensive, around twenty euros per hour of teaching. In this case, it is ideal to choose a speaker that is not too far from home, in the same city.

Depending on the conditions, home-taught courses may be tax-deductible because they are considered work from home. Friendly mutual aid school page: ESA. Remote locations: Kartable or Maxicours. Linking page: Superprof.

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