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The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research gave approval to Mascara. He announces reforms to make the sector a locomotive of the national economy.

New minister, new school year and old system! The academic year 2022/2023 officially started yesterday. Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Kamel Bidari, newly appointed to the post, chose the wilaya of Mascara to initiate this revival. 1,700,000 students, including 333,000 newly registered ones, returned to university desks in 58 villas in the country. This new academic year marks the return of the so-called “normal” system.
After two terrible years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, university campuses will be fully accessible to students. No more restrictions related to the coronavirus, especially courses via video conferencing. Even if this method has not been completely abandoned. It will be used less and only in certain courses.
However, it will not be the only novelty of this autumn. Kamel Bidari was instructed by the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboun, to breathe new life into the sector. “We will make the university a locomotive of the country’s economic development”, declared the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research during the official opening of the university year. In this sense, he announces that the reform will take place very soon. “Workshops will be opened, in which all actors in the sector will participate, to give new dynamics to higher education and scientific research,” he claims.
“The goal is to open new horizons, new possibilities, adapt it to the times so that the university becomes a creator of wealth,” he continued. The minister also insisted on the need to attach greater importance to the humanities and social sciences.
“It is so that they have an intermediary role for the needs of society with research laboratories,” he replied, revealing that a program is being developed in this direction. The Minister of Higher Education emphasized the importance of building a university that participates in nation building and economic development, paying attention to the human element. These changes need to be added to a major project that is close to the heart of the head of state, namely the complete overhaul of the map of education offered by the Algerian university. Bidari expresses his determination to implement this change as soon as possible so that the Algerian university prepares operational graduates adapted to the needs of the national economy.
In this context, he mentions education oriented to the professions of the future such as artificial intelligence, robotics and renewable energies. “A large part of the current trade unions will disappear in a few years,” he explains. Kamel Bidari also insists on the importance of establishing partnerships with foreign universities, as ordered by the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune.
To this must be added the already initiated reform of the LMD system through Executive Decree 22-208. A reform that should, in the long term, make it possible to get rid of this condemned system and at the same time increase higher education.
A new dynamic, which was accompanied by the strengthening of human and material resources in the sector. In this way, 45,000 new educational places were adopted throughout the country. There is also talk of 20,000 new beds.
The sector also benefited from the opening of 2,100 new teaching posts in order to strengthen the pedagogical supervision of higher education institutions, which made it possible to reach 65,000 teachers of various grades, of which 47% were professors. It is about restoring the former glory of the Algerian university. Will Kamel Bidari, an excellent expert in this sector, succeed in this challenge? Wait and see…

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