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New family portal: parents in Pamiers must book and subscribe online

A new family portal has been operating since August 8. From now on, Appamean parents will need to book and pre-pay for the canteen and leisure reception services online, at least 8 days in advance. In case of unforeseen circumstances, a credit system will be set up.

He returns to school in fifteen days. And in Pamiers it will rhyme with a little revolution for parents. The family portal, which was created to anticipate the workforce and combat the numerous unpaid bills, has been completely redesigned this summer. From now on, it will be necessary to register and pre-pay online at least eight days before the desired service, whether it is a canteen, a school leisure reception (Alaé) or a leisure reception without accommodation (ALSH) on Wednesdays and holidays. “The previous portal was not functional or intuitive. Some parents had problems completing the booking, especially when it came to payment. From now on, the operation is simpler, smoother, more legible,” suggests Michel Raulet, deputy mayor for education, whose teams worked all summer to make this new support functional.

Just scan the QR code that appears on the school information brochures or go directly to:

This has been the case since August 8. Last year, the municipality struggled with unpaid bills in the amount of 100,000 euros. For the first eight months of 2022, we are talking about €29,000. Reservation and payment in advance should allow families of 1,062 registered, of which 90% eat in the cafeteria. The catering service ranked third in Occitanie, mainly for its high proportion of organic and local products: 60%. “This visibility for a maximum of 8 days will make it possible to adjust the correct number of meals in the best possible way and thus avoid waste”, notes Michel Raulet.

Automatic increase of good family quotient

But in case of a fever, a last-minute obstacle, a family problem? Families will thus already have a paid service that will not be used. “There will be a credit system that can be used within these three services,” points out Magali Terrail, director of the division for children and youth. It is clear that the food that was not accepted at the Canonges school for X or Y reason can be taken on Wednesday at the Las Parets leisure center. However, this regulatory system only works for a limited period. Therefore, it is not recommended to book for a year.

Another big advantage of this new software: the interaction with the Family Allowance Fund (CAF), which allows you to automatically enter your family quotient. Confidentiality guaranteed. “Until then, 84% of parents didn’t give the right one or didn’t know about it. And some paid full price precisely because they didn’t know him. With the new pricing that we have introduced, the costs of 67% of families have dropped,” continues the deputy mayor. The most difficult households, who sometimes used to leave their child in the canteen despite the lack of reservations, will continue to be directed to the City Center for Social Action (CCAS) to improve their care.

From now on, it is imperative that parents do their homework before the school year starts. A hundred families have already taken the step after receiving the email from the town hall. “Alaé directors will know when there is no registration and will not hesitate to get in touch. They have a digital tablet that shows how it works. And if it is necessary to deploy terminals on Alaé, we will see it,” underlines Magali Terrail.

How does it work ?

The new family portal can be accessed at Posters with a QR code were put up in schools. All you have to do is flash it with your smartphone and you will find yourself on the home page of the website. Therefore, it is necessary to create a personal account that works with the CAF interface. In addition to registrations for dining halls, Alaé and leisure center services without accommodation, families will be able to find a lot of information, such as the schedule of activities or phone numbers to contact the directors of the structures. For residents who do not have access to a computer, there are two solutions: go to the children and youth service desk (5 rue de la Maternité, second floor), where two terminals are available free of charge. These people can be referred to Ana and Sandrine, the area agents of the town hall. “We maintain human contact: we continue to accompany them, train them,” insists Michel Raulet. Otherwise, there is also an information reception right next to the city police, where residents have access to several computers with staff experienced in operating the family portal.

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