New scholarships to combat local labor shortages

New scholarships to combat local labor shortages


Cegep of Matane

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Cégep de Matane is enriching its scholarship program to attract more students to programs where job needs are great.

Cégep de Matane will offer new scholarships to encourage students from the region, but also from abroad, to enroll in programs where there is a shortage of manpower.

The first scholarship of up to $6,000 for the duration of the three-year program is for students from the RCMs of La Matanie, La Mitis, La Matapédia and Haute-Gaspésie, as well as for international students who will be registered in tourism or urban planning. . Therefore, we hope that students who follow their training at Cégep de Matane will be tempted to pursue a career in their field of study here in the region.

The second scholarship program available starting next school year is Perspectives Québec. It is a Quebec government initiative aimed at encouraging young people to enroll in a study program that is a priority. It can be a priority as much because of labor shortages as it is about its future prospects. Thus, for the Cégep de Matane, five programs appear on this list of approximately thirty educational courses. It includes courses in nursing, computer science, multimedia, electrical engineering and 3D animation.

These new scholarships complement the already existing scholarships, whether it is an interregional mobility scholarship or scholarships from the Cégep de Matane Foundation, which are available according to the nature of the students’ needs.

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