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Pap Ndiaye, Education Minister Tested by Teacher Shortage

The exercise is unprecedented and the symbol is clear: a few days before the start of the school year, Emmanuel Macron decided to start the school year himself by gathering the rectors of the academy at the Sorbonne on the morning of Thursday, August 25. The first one. During this meeting, which will take place a day before the press conference of his new Minister of Education, Papa Ndiaye, the President must return “about his ambition for the school and will present the challenges of a new method of national education, such as the experiment carried out as part of Marseille en grand”clarifies Elysjeský.

A way for Emmanuel Macron to reaffirm that he has put education at the center of this second five-year term – the one who promised to review teachers’ salaries, “new pact” with this profession “great consultation” about the school that has to be held this fall… Also a way to position your new minister before the first back to school while the complex files pile up. The first of these is, of course, the crisis of the teaching profession, the consequences of which could hamper the implementation of the plan set by Emmanuel Macron.

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Because this new school year represents the first puzzle to be solved: while at the end of the various spring selection procedures there were 4,000 teachers missing (including 1,700 in primary school) out of a total of 880,000, National Education can say that there will be a teacher in front of every class at the beginning of the school year? Asked by the National Assembly in early August, Pap Ndiaye recognized the situation “harder than usual” and contact suppliers “more important than[il] don’t wish for it[ait] ».

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Concerns in academies

The institution is anticipating increased use of contract workers whose express training must begin on Thursday – and is making sure it does everything it can to fill the last gaps. On August 23rd, on his way to the Créteil rectory, the Minister of Education wanted to be more reassuring than during the hearing before the assembly. He even described the situation “comparable or even slightly better than last year at the same time”, in this academy, he faces a chronic problem of recruitment – and thus of replacing absentees in the coming weeks.

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“The minister has a relatively good starting credit in this profession, remarks an academic accustomed to the Rue de Grenelle, but there is great risk that this capital will be lost if the beginning of the school year does not go well, and especially if there is a shortage of teachers trained before pupils. » Because that’s one of the concerns of unions that reject the term “teacher in front of every class”, which the minister took on camera on August 23, pointing to a much more contrasting reality on the ground.

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