Paris 1 University adopts a new mechanism to prevent gender-based and sexual violence

The establishment already had a system to combat this kind of violence, but it was little known, especially to students. The university has partnered with the student union to improve the warning process and support for victims.

“Will I be in trouble?”, “Can disciplinary measures be taken against the perpetrator of violence?” : To answer these questions that are often asked by victims of sexist and sexual violence, the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne is launching a new prevention system.

“We wanted to develop this system this year because Paris 1 University, like any other institution, is aware of the problems and is interested in optimal support for victims. We had to improve the system by setting up a reporting platform with a form that can be anonymous and whose processing is a”says Soraya Messai Bahri, vice president in charge of human resources at the University of Paris 1.

Thus, a platform with two forms designed for students and employees of the facility was launched.

The warning is then dealt with by an initial committee of three people who decide how to proceed with the complaint. “This may lead to referral of the matter to a disciplinary committee or even to the prosecutor”Mrs. Messai Bahri continues.

This system complements a precedent that dates back several years. Did he miss fame? According to her, in the past 18 months, employees and students made only a dozen reports.

The new system was developed with a student organization: Syndicat Alternative Paris 1 (SAP1). Among their demands (heard) is a partnership with an external organization. The Women Safe association also collects complaints and primarily provides psychological support.

“The current system was flawed and very little known to students. Last year we passed a petition for a more effective control system. We also achieved that at least one member from each university association must train in the prevention of gender-based and sexual violence”the elected representative of SAP1 rejoices.

This young trade unionist recalls that a large part of the aggression takes place between students, especially during the evenings.

Polytechnique, Saint-Cyr, École Normale Supérieure or the Paris Conservatoire: many schools have been rocked by cases of sexual violence and rape. An internal questionnaire at the CentraleSupélec engineering school revealed a number of reports. Following these cases, the prosecutor’s office of Évry (Essonne) opened several investigations into rapes in four large schools on the Saclay plateau after receiving “a few complaints”.

In Paris 1, “It is the desire of the university presidency that the word can be released if facts of this nature have occurred. However, we do not know what the extent or nature of the reports we will be able to collect will be.”summarizes Soraya Messai Bahri.

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