“Patriotic wave in Europe” and “happy days”, Marine Le Pen launches her 2027 campaign

It was Marine Le Pen who closed the summer school of the National Assembly, held this weekend in Cap d’Agde, with a speech in which she welcomed “an inexorable political shift and a wave of patriotism” in Europe. The party chairman will leave office to prepare for the presidential year 2027. Jordan Bardella and Louis Aliot, the mayor of Perpignan, are the two candidates to succeed him. They have officially launched their campaign.

In Agda, during the summer university weekend, the RN units found themselves in the promised land. Marine Le Pen won more than 60% of the vote in the second round of the presidential election in the seaside resort and RN 10 points more in the parliamentary election two months later.

“When it is no longer Emmanuel Macron, it will be us” : Marine Le Pen introduced herself as “work study for France”, On Sunday, during a speech in Hérault that marked his political return, as well as his farewell to the head of the National Assembly, without giving up his Elysian ambitions.

At the party were the two successors in the race for party leader, Jordan Bardella and Louis Aliot.

Marine Le Pen does not hide her project from activists who are red-hot. Leave the current affairs of the party to another party to prepare for the 2027 presidential year.

The sky has cleared and the horizon that many thought had darkened for the national movement is now crystal clear.

Marine Le Pen celebrated “patriotic wave” in Europe Sweden or “tomorrow” in Italy and “the day after tomorrow” in the Netherlands, prospectively also France and “a major political shift”.
Judged by the presidential finalist “relentless” this “the great return of the nations of Europe”a “political revolution” and “distancing from the European Union”, which is “no longer even federal, but imperial”.

In France, when a group of 89 RN MPs was formed at the end of the June parliamentary elections, Marine Le Pen described “the great electoral revolution”, “the greatest victory that the national movement has known in its fifty years of existence”.
That “lays the foundations for a major political shift”, assessed the leader of the French extreme right in her speech to the school on the topic “alternation for France”.

“Immigration, only the National Assembly is against it,” she also insisted.

Marine Le Pen’s successor is 2. Jordan Bardella, 27, current interim president, and Louis Aliot, RN mayor of Perpignan and former companion of Marine Le Pen, 53.

Fellow travelers, unlike a rising star… in a relationship with Marine Le Pen’s niece.

The latter led a victorious legislative battle last June, as interim president he is a big favorite and is pushing his ideas.

“Systematic deportation of foreign delinquents and criminals, cancellation of social assistance for parents of repeatedly minors, termination of automatic remission of sentences”, a solid, uninhibited discourse that appeals locally. The member of the Agde district, who is hosting the event, clearly expresses his support.

“I support Jordan Bardella, he’s my generation. He’s someone I respect on a human level and I’ve known him for several years.” explains the representative of the RN for the 7th arrondissement of Hérault Aurélien Lopez-Liguori.

Opposite Louis Aliot, an outsider who knows his way around music… In the campaign under control, he jokes about the local and old-fashioned image with which he is decorated.

I have come to deny the rumors that say I never venture further than 20 km from Perpignan. See, I did it! I crossed my Catalan border, which shows how much I am convinced of what I am doing despite my old age.

Louis Aliot, RN Mayor of Perpignan.

And Louis Aliot to add: “I seem to be the underdog, but beware, there are examples where the underdog wins in the end.”

RN members will vote on the nomination of a new party leader via the Internet in October (September 30 to November 3). The results will be announced on November 5 at the 18th Congress in Paris.

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