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Pierre-Luc Lavertu in environmental policy

Pierre-Luc Lavertu, candidate for Québec Solidaire in the riding of Saint-Jean, entered politics because of environmental concerns.

This father of three children, a physics graduate, worked in biomedicine, factories, education and agriculture. In recent years, he has been working on agricultural projects inspired by permaculture and regenerative agriculture.

The priorities of the party advocated by Mr. Lavertu are to implement the best plan to solve the climate crisis, protect families from the rising cost of living, solve the housing crisis and rebuild the health system with a focus on prevention and access to local corners. To this list he adds a priority close to his heart: improving the working conditions of workers.


According to him, concerns about the rising cost of living appear in his discussions with voters. In the ecological circles with which he performs, it is precisely the protection of golf courses and forested areas that attracts attention.

“We have to increase the vegetation cover. As well as protecting what we already have, golf courses, as well as revitalizing places where no one goes. It’s all a wasteland where there is no medium-term construction project, just stop mowing the lawn to create an environment favorable for wild species and thus support biodiversity,” he argues.

When asked about the proposals that distinguish Québec Solidaire from other parties, Mr. Lavertu immediately answers the massive investment in public transportation. “The more we use public transport, the more people will use it. If more people use public transport, it means fewer cars on the road and there is no need to invest in widening roads like the 104″, he explains, referring to the announced works to widen the road between Saint-Jean and La Prairie. But Mr. Lavertu agrees to widen the 10 freeway to create real dedicated bus lanes.

As for Haut-Richelieu, Québec Solidaire will rely on the organization of car-sharing services to provide connections to the Québec Bus and Québec Train networks it wants to establish. On the subject of the environment, Mr. Lavertu also promotes more ecological methods in agriculture.


Québec Solidaire wants to build 50,000 social and energy-efficient housing units. For the county, the candidate talks about hundreds.

In terms of health, it is clear to the candidate that home care needs to be increased. Among other things, Québec solidaire relies on the CLSC being open seven days a week, 24 days a day. Regarding school construction and Cégep expansion projects, Mr. Lavertu agrees that needs must be met, which is why Québec Solidaire opposes tax cuts and wants to invest in public services.


Finally, Pierre-Luc Lavertu says that he was touched by the working conditions of the workers. The party proposes raising the minimum wage to $18 an hour. He points out that many people working full-time still have to turn to food banks.

As for the proposal to give everyone four weeks of vacation, it makes sense to him. “We don’t live to work. We work to live,” argues Mr. Lavertu.

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