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Princess Sofia educates young people about online dangers

The safety of children online is the reason for the great interest of Princess Sofia of Sweden, who has already participated in several events on this topic. On September 12, the daughter-in-law of the King of Sweden visited the Safe Selfie Academy, a new preventive education program that gives children the tools and knowledge to keep themselves safe online.

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Sofia from Sweden is passionate about youth safety on the internet

“Working for a safer online everyday life is something I really enjoy”, said Princess Sofia. The wife of Prince Carl Philip is the mother of three children, the eldest of whom, Prince Alexander, is 6 years old. Princess Sofia believes that the visit of this September 12 was a “An incredible privilege” because she was able to get acquainted with the methods of the Safe Selfie Academy at a training session at a school in Rinkeby.

Princess Sofia attended a Safe Selfie Academy training day to empower young people to be more vigilant online (Photo: Peter Grannby/Stella Pictures/ABACAPRESS.COM)

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The training gives children and young people the knowledge and tools to act if they are exposed to something unpleasant online. During the training, both children and adults have the opportunity to think about how to avoid exposing someone else to online abuse.

The training is intended for very young and high school students. At the end of this one-day training, the most motivated young people can become ambassadors. There are already hundreds of ambassadors who are considered the reference in this matter within their school and are there to remain vigilant towards their comrades. The training is really about empowering everyone to be more vigilant and report any abuse or suspected abuse that may involve a friend, child or loved one. Abuse can take the form of cyberbullying, access to unwanted or harmful content. Cyberbullying can also manifest itself physically when it leaves the virtual and spreads in the school environment.

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