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rally in front of the Ministry of Education on Wednesday!

For 3 weeks, the colleagues of Kai Terado, a teacher in the Paris region who was suspended without reason on the day of the start of the school year, have been mobilizing against the repression directed against him. With strikes, rallies in front of the rectorate, DSDEN, at meetings, in Ags, strike fund, distribution of leaflets among the population, collages in 92, online petitions… they are interrupting the decisive fight for the reintegration of their colleague. But the struggle, which is also supposed to be the pinnacle of the overall movement against repression in education, because it reflects all the cases of repression in recent years in national education, deliberately targets the activists and the most respected and combative colleagues who stood with students and parents of students against the Blancker reforms and increased authoritarianism in education.

Last Tuesday, more than 130 teaching staff responded to the Île-de-France in front of the Hauts-de-Seine DSDEN in Nanterre at the call of Kai’s colleagues who came to consider the battle plan for his reintegration. Back-to-back speeches condemned the sorry state of affairs in the sector and there was widespread solidarity in announcing the possible “ transfer in the interest of service by Kai. The feeling of injustice in the face of such arbitrariness was at its peak. The determination not to let it go too!

Since then, solidarity has flourished in schools. Photos and proposals for support from several establishments have been reproduced. The launched petition even collected more than 5500 signatures. It is a real militant dynamic that is building and that must continue to build a balance of power capable of overturning a decision that is certainly emanating from the Department of Education.

If 82 colleagues’ testimonies in favor of Kai arrived on the desk of DSDEN last Thursday, the parents of the pupils of this institution also wrote a letter in which they demanded the immediate reinstatement of the professor.

In addition to team solidarity in educational institutions, which has yet to be expanded, it will be possible to stop his repressive and arbitrary methods through a sector-wide strike and linking with repression in other sectors. which are the same everywhere. For example, the FERC CGT (Federation of Education, Research and Culture CGT) of higher education institutions has provided support to Kai as follows:

A salutary position that calls for others: in every sector it is possible to mobilize colleagues, to bring proposals for support in their field.

Kai and his colleagues are calling for a demonstration this Wednesday, September 21 at 3:00 PM in front of the Ministry of National Education. Coming out of DSDEN, he emphasized “ that this day in front of the ministry must be against all repressions in national education, outside of my case “.

In national education and elsewhere, it is the same methods that must be fought against.

In an era marked by inflation and wages that are definitely not following despite a more than token 3% revaluation, the repression of those who dare to say “no” to the government has been methodically helping to damage working conditions for years. In the face of a system that crushes everything that does not bring it profit, it is absolutely necessary to collectively mobilize with a real battle plan. In this sense, the day of the strike and demonstration on September 29, next week, could also be a stage in the construction of this overall plan.

To support Kai, take a picture with the support poster at the top of the article and tweet with #SoutienAKaiTerada.

Assembly on Wednesday the 21st at 3 pm in front of the Ministry of National Education.

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