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SAONE ET LOIRE: Grand Charolais relies on subtle references

In addition to the fine development in Charolles, it has also committed to the TER line between Paray le Monial and Lyon.

The European Soft Mobility Week, which will take place from Friday 16 September to Thursday 22 September 2022, is an opportunity to commemorate the actions introduced by Le Grand Charolais to promote new, more sustainable modes of transport such as walking, cycling and public transport. Given the current economic situation with rising energy prices, the Grand Charolais president, Gerald Gordat, clarifies that “our actions in the field of sustainable mobility will be a priority because it is a growing demand of the population”.

Know how to ride a bike

If the facility “Know on a bicycle” is supported at the national level by the national education system, Le Grand Charolais intervenes in the scope of its territory by providing material and human support. Altogether, there are 4 inter-municipal workers with graduates of ETAPS (territorial educator of physical and sports activities) who are in contact with the district educational advisor for:
• Provide training for primary school teachers. Technical presentation of cycling and how a bicycle works, scenarios… 12 teachers participated in the training for the school year 2021/2022.
• Support 6 schools on school bike trips. This represents more than 220 students for the period of May and June 2022.
• Equipment rental: provision of 15 mountain bikes and educational materials.

New soft road in Charolles
As part of the development of sustainable mobility and the structuring of soft travel in Grand Charolais, the Intercommunity is launching a new phase of work in Charolles. This new section of the soft route follows the section that started last year between the Maison du Charolais (near the RCEA interchange) and the Parc des Expositions.
The new link, which began work in late summer 2022, will connect the Parc des Expositions with the city center via a place called La Garaudaine. Until today, cyclists and pedestrians were forced to go through the department to get to the center of Charolles and facilities such as the swimming pool or the campsite. The development of this new connection will offer them a safer alternative route.
The route of this moderate route, planned for cyclists, pedestrians (including persons with reduced mobility) and roller skates, will lead in its part “top of the valley” through country paths and connect to the old railway line (greenway development project of the Ministry), for a total distance of approximately 1 ,2 km.
THIVENT in La Chapelle-sous-Dun, which won the contract for the works, is in charge of construction under the supervision and supervision of INGEPRO, an engineering firm in Vendenesse-lès-Charolles. The estimated amount of the operation is €233,000 excluding VAT, which is a significant budget that Le Grand Charolais managed to obtain by mobilizing around 70% of subsidies.
Completion of the work is planned for November, approval will take place by the end of the year.
This new facility will be ceremonially opened in the spring of next year and will contribute to strengthening the attractiveness and tourist development of our territory and to the support of physical activity.
In Digoin, the soft transport works have been completed since April 2021: the road connects the La Brierette district to the city center via the existing greenway and the Ligerval commercial area.

Mass promotion on the TER line Paray-le-Monial – Lyon
The communities of Le Grand Charolais, Brionnais Sud Bourgogne, Beaujolais Pierres Dorées and the West Rhodanian agglomeration want to jointly commit to the improvement and development of the TER line Paray-le-Monial – Lyon. On Wednesday 21 September 2022 at 10:00 (in Lamure-sur-Azergues) these 4 local authorities will sign a partnership agreement to jointly implement this political project and make it a success. The TER line Paray-le-Monial – Lyon is the structural line for these territories, which it serves in 9 stations and which it crosses up to the neuralgic point, which is the metropolitan area of ​​Lyon.


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