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School, college and high school: what’s in this letter that Emmanuel Macron sent to teachers

The head of state wrote to 1.2 million employees of the national education system. His letter was sent this Friday, September 16th.

He first thanks them for carrying out their role “so bravely” during the health crisis. He then recognizes that there is a “ too many teachers are not recognized as they should be and sometimes lose their sense of mission. In a letter sent to the employees of the national education this Friday, September 16, the head of state then follows the transformations decided by his government for the school.

> Extended sport

“In primary school, we will continue to emphasize basic learning and generalize daily sports,” writes Emmanuel Macron. And in fact, since the start of the school year in September, students have benefited from around thirty minutes of daily physical activity.

> “Future half-day” for 5th grade classes

From five o’clock we will also create a weekly “future half-day” that will awaken professions and improve their orientation. The goal will be to introduce students to many professions, including technical, manual or relational ones, with the aim of pointing out all forms of intelligence, but also digital professions or the ecological transition, which will multiply tomorrow. “, repeats Emmanuel Macron.

> Cultural card from 6

We will extend the Culture Card to high school students from the 6th grade “. The facility is now aimed at all high school and university students up to the age of 18. We remind you that the aim is to give students a certain amount of money that they can spend on tickets (cinema, concert, performance, museum, etc.), on cultural goods (books, records, instruments, etc.), in subject courses, art materials, art materials, or digital services (video games, online music, certain SVOD platforms, online print, e-books, etc.).

> More math in high school

In middle school, we will continue to consolidate mathematics in the common core “, confirms Emmanuel Macron.

> Promotion of secondary vocational school

We are transforming vocational secondary school, which too often remains the standard path: we will make it a path of choice and successful professional integration. At the end of August, the president specified that internship periods will be extended (at least by 50%) and better paid.

> Salary increase

The Minister will soon begin consultations with unions to continue the general review of teacher pay that began two years ago. “, adds Emmanuel Macron. ” This will increase teacher salaries by around 10% and no teacher will start their career with less than €2,000 net from the start of the 2023 school year.

> 20% higher salary for those who signed the “pact”

Teachers who sign the “pact” can also pay. additional missions “, how ” replacement, individualized monitoring, support for orientation or professional integration or coordination tasks », states the head of state. ” The salary increase of teachers who accept this pact could be up to 20%. »

> School renovation project from October

Since October, Emmanuel Macron has been announcing, ” everywhere in France we will start this page of school re-establishment by bringing everyone around the table, heads of facilities, school principals to every school, every college, every high school that wants to build its own project. , teachers and the entire educational community, parents of pupils, pupils, associations or economic partners and elected representatives of local governments. Like what happened in Marseille, which he cites as an example.

The head of state promises an envelope of 500 million euros in the budget.

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