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their skills valued through VAE?

Take better account of the skills of family caregivers to make them professional assets, that is what the law aims to do. This would allow the results of their experience (VAE) with the dependent relative to be verified.

Millions of vacant positions in France. It is therefore urgent to address functioning of the labor market with the goal of full employment”. This is the title of the bill that was submitted to the Council of Ministers on September 7, 2022 (link below). In the face of this bleeding, how to quickly restore the supply of vitality? through ” reform of the recognition of acquired experience (VAE, definition at the end of the article), which represents a third way to access certification in addition to initial training and further education”, claims the government, which through this text intends to ” lay the first milestones”. As already announced at the end of August 2022 by Jean-Christophe Combe, Minister of Solidarity, Autonomy and People with Disabilities, its Article 4 concerns carers and family carers.

Count the periods of the pro script

Because VAE is “ a major lever to support and help reduce long-term unemployment in industries where recruitment pressures are more than heightened”this bill authorizes “caregivers to apply skills acquired while caring for a dependent person or at the end of a family member’s life”. The text also provides recognition of periods of experience as part of the minimum period of experience required to obtain a VAE qualification” until ” simplify certain procedures.

Expertise in care

Caregivers learned, for example, how to make a bandage, insert a catheter, get dressed, help with getting up, arrange the household or keep administrative files”, i.llustre Christine Lamidel, director of Tilia, a start-up dedicated to business support and employee care. “ In addition to recognizing and improving their skills acquired as caregivers, this system will offer them opportunities for professional retraining, especially for the unqualified, she continues. They will thus be able to more easily get into the professions of care assistant or domestic help, to professions in the health and social sectors, which are currently very tense.

Taking “soft skills” into account

But not only… This mobilization comes at a time when soft skills, collective intelligence and the quality of the social climate are identified as determinants of performance. Caregivers should have the sought-after qualities: communication skills, adaptation to change, management and organization, empathy, but also a strong capacity for resilience. For companies, consolidating the recognition of all these areas of expertise is an advantage at a time when many carers are increasingly leaving their jobs.

Caregivers in numbers!

In order to realize this serious problem, the numbers speak for themselves: eleven million caregivers in France who take care of an elderly, sick or disabled person in their free time, five million are employees, that is, every second, one worker in four will be caregiver in 2030 (Helping and Working Barometer, Interfacia). In March 2022, the CSR France Strategy platform worked on this essential issue, presenting 24 proposals to the government for a better reconciliation of work and personal life (article in the link below). Among them was specific support for the skills acquired by these support staff. He recommended the creation of a public experience recognition service’ (REVA) is in charge of cleaning up the VAE, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. For Christine Lamidel, “ this recognition is a very good thing that will allow the lines to be moved”.

What is VAE?

Remember that VAE allows you to verify the achievements of your experiences throughout your life to support your integration or your professional development. Along with school education and further vocational training, it is a lever to access certification accessible to all, regardless of age, nationality, status, level of education or qualifications. Although not vocational training in the strict sense of the word, VAE falls within the scope of further vocational education in the same way as skills assessment. The aim of the draft law of September 12, 2022 is to allow professional transitional associations to bear the costs of the VAE procedure.

Helping employees: 2 special meetings in Paris

• Before the National Day of Carers, the Mouvement des entreprises de France and Coopération santé are organizing a symposium called “Carers: a challenge for societies”. With the presence of Jean-Christophe Combe, it aims to raise awareness, discuss public policies and share best practices (registration in the link below).

• On September 28 (from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.), the Solidarity observatory for employees-helps on the occasion of St. 3rd year colloquium which will propose “initiatives and projects to take action!” “. It is 100% face to face in Paris on the 15th (registration in the link below).

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