University: a platform to help you find a master’s degree is born!

This Thursday, September 15, 2022, the Ministry of Higher Education announced the arrival of a new assistance platform for masters!

Given the great difficulty in finding a master’s degree at a university, the Ministry of Education decided to create a platform to help find it more easily. MCE TV will tell you everything from A to Z.

A very difficult start to the 2022 school year

In recent years, students have suffered a lot! It all started with the disruption of the Parcoursup platform, which disrupted the projects of some students.

Then Covid pointed with the tip of his nose, change the whole regime of young people. From now on, there is no shortage of teachers! Minister Pap Ndiaye therefore called on contract workers to keep their promise of “a teacher in front of every class in every school in France”.

“It is true that we use a significant part of contract teachers. In Créteil, contract teachers will have two days of training on their discipline and then two days of training on their rights. And their homework so they know how to behave in front of the students”.

And that’s not all! At university, young people have a hard time finding a master’s degree… It’s not a joke! Many places are unavailable. So few young people have the chance to continue their studies.

Frédérique Vidal therefore promised to create more than 3000 places for students…. So that’s the case to follow… In the meantime, the Ministry of Higher Education had another idea…

That from establish a national application aid in the first year of master’s studies. It should therefore appear in February 2023. Minister Sylvie Retailleau announced this during her first press conference back to school.

But then what is the goal? Just solved the problem of every university that sees its students without a master’s degree.

A new university support platform

This platform is thereforevery useful for young people in universitye. They will be able to publish one file from March, which will allow them to apply for different masters.

And universities will be able to view applications from April to mid-June. Not great news! So students will see if their proposal is accepted or rejected.

They won’t lose there is no time to think about the topic anymore. So they will be able to choose only one master. This platform has nothing to do with Parcoursup! And for good reason! Manages university admission requests for final year students.

The ministry then underlines this: it will not serve as a decision support tool. The platform will not select students, and they will be the ones at the center of the process.”

It appears to be an initiative that has unanimous support. Especially since page 1 of the student union in France. In this way, students will be able to put aside stress and anxiety.

However, there are points that are discussed, such as the impossibility of giving a second chance to young people who have not found a master’s degree!

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