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Carole Delga: “The left that seeks solutions for its fellow citizens”

The president of the Occitanie region, Carole Delga, is organizing this Sunday, September 25, “Les Rencontres de la gauche” in Brame in Aude. He intends to defend “a left that seeks solutions for its fellow citizens” and wants to propose “a new deal on jobs, education, the hospital system and the climate emergency”.

What is the significance of the Sunday gathering in Bram with Occitanie?

It is a demonstration of a left that works and which is not only in declarations with punch and excess. It is the left that is looking for solutions for its fellow citizens, a new deal in the issues of work, education, the hospital system and the climate emergency.

You were critical of Nupes at the time of their creation: do you remain in that line today?

As for the connection between PS and La France insoumise, my analysis is always the same. In the parliamentary elections, Nupes is the success of the opposition. Politics changes people’s lives provided they win the elections. There we reach the glass ceiling. You have to be clear in rural areas, that was a bonus for the far right. Someone like François Ruffin knows this himself, and it’s a topic I raised a few years ago in PS. Unfortunately, I was not heard.

Exactly about you, your opposition to Nupes has brought you into the public eye…

It is true that today I benefit from stronger fame. All the better because it allows me to talk about real issues and get my feet wet somewhere: yes, let’s talk about work, let’s talk about the “Uberization” of society, let’s talk about broken careers… try to embody a different form of politics that is not a policy of healthy bites.
What do you think of the debate between the ‘Labour left’ and the ‘contribution left’?
Platform by Fabien Roussel, I could have signed it. I think work structures, is what emancipates. As for the right to idleness, I do not feel such a desire among our fellow citizens… On the contrary, I feel a real need for work, which one chooses but does not endure, and which varies according to the season of life.

What do you think of the Quatennens case? Should he be punished?

When we are responsible, support always goes to the victims. I will not comment on a private matter, but I was very surprised that the first reaction of Jean-Luc Mélenchon and other leaders of La France insoumise was not for the victim of violence. Jean-Luc Mélenchon and I have more differences than we have in common. It only got worse in the last few days. His tweet about Sweden and the traditional left being unable to stand up to the far right is shameful when you know the hard work of this country’s elected republicans. What sets us apart from the Insoumis is that they are people who insult, provoke and actually do nothing. They deal with questions like barbecues, ties… But what do they actually do? What is their rating for our fellow citizens?

What is your relationship with Olivier Faure?

We have been talking again since July. As he himself said: “I have no vocation to change the opinion of socialists who, like Carole, disagree with Nupes”. As for me, I continue to follow my wake within the socialist family. I’m not in guerilla warfare, I have neither the desire nor the time. I am in a fixed position, upright and at work.

Will you try to influence the PS line on this alliance?

In this new school year, there are other priorities: we have to show that we provide solutions to the French. The government brings none when it waves unemployment insurance and pension reform like a red rag. On the other hand, when Olivier Faure proposed taxing super profits, I said I agreed. I also asked within the PS to think about free transport to meet the challenges of climate emergency and purchasing power.

You mentioned the pension reform. What do you think should be done?

It is no longer urgent: reforming and massively investing in the school or hospital system seems more important to me, as well as simplifying procedures to facilitate the production of renewable energies. As for forcing adoption through a simple amendment to the Social Security Bill, that seems pretty dangerous and counterproductive to me. Even the president’s allies like François Bayrou claim it! Finally, regarding the substance, I think that Emmanuel Macron does not take enough into account the question of the demands of certain professions. Let’s not forget that the average life expectancy of a worker is seven years less than that of a manager, it is very unfair. That is why I am fundamentally against the retirement age of 65.

Is the government doing enough in the face of rising energy prices?

Apart from the short-term measures that have been put in place, I think above all it is about regaining our energy sovereignty. I repeat because we need to accelerate the production of renewable energies: offshore wind turbines, methanation or even hydroelectricity.

And nuclear?

I have always been in favor of an energy mix that includes nuclear power. Today, the priority is above all to find a more optimal functioning of our nuclear fleet. And in the long term, the share of renewable energies must grow faster than the share of nuclear energy. I am not in favor of building new nuclear reactors.

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